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BU, BC, Michigan Lead NCAA Teams in NHL Draft

Three colleges from Massachusetts and Michigan gave the NCAA a strong showing in the NHL Draft, starting when the Buffalo Sabres selected Boston University’s National Player of the Year Jack Eichel with the second pick.


Lakers Can Grab Kobe’s Replacement at No. 2

The big excitement out of the gates in the NBA Draft hinges on if the Los Angeles Lakers pick guard D’Angelo Russell out of Ohio State to play as a temporary backcourt mate and ultimate heir to Kobe Bryant.


Last ‘Homeless’ Hoops Team to Travel from Jersey to Florida 4x

The only “homeless” basketball team, which lost a record 51-straight games several years back and has been shunned by conferences in the northeast, will spend much time in Florida boasting the potential best player and team in an ASun conference that has pulled off big NCAA conference upsets.

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Basketball ‘Tonya Harding’ Powers Cavs to NBA Finals

The “Tonya Harding,” dubbed so by the Atlanta Hawks radio team, who helped the Cleveland Cavaliers sweep the Atlanta Hawks is a former rugby player who “Americans hate,” according an Australian news outlet, and who has “got to learn,” according to the player who nailed him in the head with an elbow.

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Pac-12 Ends SEC Streak as Top College Conference in NFL Draft

The Pac-12 ended the SEC’s six-year run as the top conference in the NFL Draft by a 1247-1216 score just months after also ending the SEC’s streak of the best seasons by a college conference (see Breitbart Sports story here). It was the first time the Pac-12 topped the draft this century.

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1st Gay Player Tops Value Add List

As the Supreme Court considers same-sex marriage laws, the first openly gay college basketball player may soon rank as the best transfer available to colleges.

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