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The Primitive Roots of Political Correctness

In a new piece on political correctness, Jonathan Chait does something that few progressive writers dare to do: admit critics have a point about the far left's apparent desire to censor speech. Yet he fails to note that the problem is far older and more pervasive than it seems.
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Five Ways to Improve the GOP’s State of the Union Response

Is the State of the Union response cursed or is it just badly produced? I'll leave it to others to debate the former proposition, but I think it's time for someone to state the obvious about the latter. The State of the Union response is often underwhelming.
AP Photo/Mandel Ngan, Pool

Smirk of the Union: How Better Politics Became Bitter Politics

Despite the best efforts of his staff, we saw the real Barack Obama last night. In the time it takes a smirk to spread across a face, the president revealed himself to be something quite different than the earnest believer in bipartisanship the speech was crafted to convey.

Crash Victim’s Daughter ‘Livid’ Over Highway Protests

When Richard McGrath’s car hit a patch of black ice Thursday morning his car spun and crashed into a tree. The 83-year-old grandfather was left with life-threatening injuries including broken ribs and a fractured spine. An ambulance attempted to take

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