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Vox Has Second Thoughts on Obama’s Iran Deal

When negotiators in Lausanne, Switzerland announced the framework of a nuclear agreement with Iran earlier this month, Vox’s Max Fisher proclaimed it an “astonishingly good” deal. Less than three weeks later, Fisher is now highlighting the case against the deal.
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Humble Hillary Clinton Takes a Page from Justin Bieber

Like Bieber, Hillary has had a rough few years. The "smart power" approach to Russia didn't work out and, even if you only look at the tepid ARB report, she presided over a genuine disaster in Benghazi. So, what's a celebrity with bad press to do? Well, you take a page from Justin's playbook.
Dr. Ben Carson speaks in this file photo

Ben Carson Gives Interview to Reporter Who Called Him Out for Plagiarism

Thursday Buzzfeed published an interview with Dr. Ben Carson, the retired surgeon and possible GOP candidate for president. The most surprising aspect of the interview wasn't the content but the byline. The author is one of the reporters who, three months ago, leveled accusations of plagiarism at Carson involving his 2012 book America the Beautiful.

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