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NY Times Article on Genesis of Obamacare Subsidies Omits Key Detail

A NY Times story published Monday focuses on the genesis of “four words” in the Affordable Care Act which are at the center of the Supreme Court case King v. Burwell. However, the story leaves out important details which undercut the claim that drafters of the bill never considered withholding subsidies from the states.


Interview–Kirsten Powers on ‘The Silencing': Obama ‘Normalized’ Left’s Anti-Speech Mobs with Attacks on Fox News

Kirsten Powers’ new book The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech surveys the political landscape of the past couple years and finds something new to worry about. A self-described liberal, Powers writes that the “illiberal left” is trying to dominate the discussion on campus, online and in the media through intimidation. In our discussion, Powers suggests there is an authoritarian impulse at play, one that has been gaining steam in the broader culture.


ISIS Leader: ‘Islam Is the Religion of War’

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has released a call to arms which asks Muslims everywhere to physically join ISIS in the area it now controls or simply take up the struggle against unbelievers wherever they are.


Hillary Clinton Has Answered 13 Questions in 31 Days

Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for President on April 12, just over one month ago. Since then she has held meetings with hand selected Democrats but has only answered a total of 13 questions from the media. And frankly, some of those questions were softballs and some of Hillary’s answers were dodges.

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Bill Clinton: Mining Magnate Giustra Can’t ‘Get Something Out of It’ Since I’m No Longer President

At a 2006 Gala for his 60th birthday, Bill Clinton praised Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra’s selflessness, saying it was not as if Giustra could “get something out of it,” since Clinton was no longer President and therefore not in a position to do him any favors. That comment came almost exactly one year after Clinton’s overnight trip to Kazakhstan coincided with Giustra closing a uranium mining deal worth billions of dollars.

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