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In Wake of NY Shooting, Left Abandons ‘Climate of Hate’

Four years ago a deranged man shot into a crowd of people in Tucson, Arizona. Within hours the leading voices of the Left identified the real culprit. It wasn't the mentally troubled man who pulled the trigger: It was Sarah Palin and the "climate of hate" created by the Tea Party. After this weekend's shooting of two police officers, the Left seems to have collective amnesia about the "climate of hate" argument.
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George Clooney: ‘The World Just Changed’

In an exclusive interview with Deadline Hollywood, actor George Clooney reveals that he passed a petition against cyber-terrorism to Hollywood stars and bigwigs, but all of them refused to sign. The simple petition Clooney circulated concluded, “We hope these hackers

Is It Islamophobic to Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism?

In the wake of the hostage taking in Sydney Australia, Vox‘s Max Fisher says it’s time to stop asking Muslims to condemn terrorism. Fisher calls the practice of giving space to Muslim leaders space to comment after a violent incident,
Gruber Visited White House a Dozen Times

Gruber Visited White House a Dozen Times

Economist Jonathan Gruber made at least a dozen trips to the White House including at least one meeting with the President. The Wall Street Journal reports that Gruber visited the White House six times in 2009 and several more times

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