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I've Got Your Deficit Commission Right Here!

Even as a bloodbath looms in the November distance, the Obama administration continues to push healthcare because they know that Americans love theirentitlements like winos love wine. They are betting the farm that once that fiery warmth begins running through

That Audi Commercial!

The new Audi TDI ad was one of the more provocative commercials shown during the Super Bowl. The commercial opens with an unsuspecting grocery shopper asking for a plastic shopping bag rather than paper. He is immediately taken into custody

Don't Miss the Point and Don't Miss Out

Appearing on television and radio is good for my career. Every time I show up in the media it sells books and further legitimizes me as a cultural and political commentator and answers a question that, alas, has been asked

Mr. President You Are Blocking the Sun

It is said that when Alexander the Great visited the philosopher Diogenes he asked the wise man if there was anything he could do for him. Diogenes is said to have replied, “Yes. Stand a little less between me and

The Wisdom of Massachusetts Voters

Following the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, Democrats in the Massachusetts state legislature rushed to change a procedural rule thus allowing Democratic Governor Deval Patrick to replace Kennedy with an interim and Democratic Senator. During the 2004 Presidential election this

Harry Reid Is Not a Racist

Harry Reid is not racist and Republican calls for his resignation are misguided. There I said it. The senate majority leader has recently come under fire for remarks attributed to him in the new book “Game Change.” Authors Mark Halperin

New Year Pessimism

To the common definition of pessimist – one who anticipates the worst — I plead guilty. Yes, I know that it is the start of a New Year and I ought to be looking forward to the new decade with

King of the Blacks

My wife and I have big dreams for our children. We want nothing for them but health, happiness and success and we recognize that a good education can be a step towards realizing that goal. We also demand that our

Harry Reid and Slavery

The classical poet A.E. Housman wrote, “For nature, heartless, witless nature.” He might have said the same thing about history, which like nature is neither cruel nor kind; right, nor wrong; it is simply indifferent. It has, as they say,

The Sarah Palin Thing

If indeed former Alaska Governor and Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is the joke the new left claims her to be, one wonders why they don’t simply ignore her. On the contrary, they devote an unusual amount of energy into making

Health Care and the Moral Imperative

I am always troubled by those in government claiming they have a moral imperative to enact this or that policy. A little digging often reveals that their motives are more self serving than moral. I am doubly troubled when those

A New Morning of Race in America

On the issue of race in America there is something in the air. Shakespeare’s melancholy Dane might say it is the “scent of morning;” our president would call it a “teaching moment.” A lawsuit filed in the district court of

Playing for Keeps

I was an innocent – not pure as the driven snow, but certainly unwise as to the level of the stakes at which we were playing. I entered the debate believing it would be an intellectual exercise; we would joust

What is Pornographic? What is Hip?

What exactly does “affordable” mean? A very good friend of mine has lately taken me to task for my opposition to a single payer, universal medical coverage. She argues that she is one of those the president speaks of when

A Political Warranty

In his first year in office former president Bill Clinton, who had run as a centrist, was drawn into the new left vortex of socialized healthcare, which led to a resounding defeat for Clinton and the Democrats in the 1994

Health Care Analogies

It is good that the President has ceased attempting to sell his public option health care initiative on the strength of a comparison to the United States Postal Service. Americans will not soon be convinced of the economic viability of

Racial Schizophrenia

Speaking to NBC News Anchor Brian Williams, former president Jimmy Carter (who was taking a breather between having tea with dictators and lunatics) proffered that not only was South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson’s inappropriate outburst during President Obama’s speech before

Feel Good Policy

The message began to pop-up all over my Facebook page: “No one should die because they cannot afford health care or insurance and no one should go broke or bankrupt because they get sick.” Let us set aside the fact

Revolution Anyone?

Barack Obama hired Anthony “Van” Jones as a special adviser for green jobs, enterprise and innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Jones is an admitted “rowdy Black nationalist” and “communist” who was also a co-founder of the

The Real Myth of Healthcare

One of the more pernicious myths surrounding the debate over healthcare is the oft repeated claim that conservatives do not want reform. Nonsense! What we do not want is the warm bucket of snake oil currently being sold to the

Next Up: Town Halls on Race?

What would a town hall on race look like? I do not mean the aesthetics – the color of the carpet or where panelists would sit, but the guts of it – the substance. I am pondering the question because

Read the Bill!

The current philosophy of governance – and this includes governance of the democrat and republican variety-is that there is tremendous capacity in government to better the lives of average folks; it is the power of administrative policy that can end

Reflections on Marriage

I suppose after 15 years of marriage I should stop wondering aloud how on earth I ended up with this woman. Least ways I should stop wondering aloud when my lovely wife is within earshot. Not that after so many

U.S.A. vs. Canada: The Healthcare Debate

In May of 2004 the New York Times published an article entitled “Health Care Leads Other Issues in Canadian Vote.” The substance of the article was that in the elections that were upcoming, the future of the Canadian health care

Jenny Sanford for Senate

The schadenfreude of the new left over the public unraveling of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford suggests that when it comes to the issue of public officials and private morality, they are possessing of a particularly twisted logic, to say

Why Do You Love America?

My son was confused. “Why does everyone hate America?” Sadly he wasn’t referring to Iran or even France. He was talking about the other children in his class. Apparently during his 6th grade class discussions a great many of his

Becoming Post Racial

“Race has no place in American life or law.” President John F. Kennedy spoke these words the evening of June 11, 1963 following the desegregation of the University of Alabama. In the speech Kennedy delivered that evening he chose not

It's Good To Be a Dad

It was a glass mug that I treasured dearly. My sophomore year in college my little sister, Carole, had given me the mug for Christmas. As a special treat she had engraved my nickname, “Joey” into the Mug. It wasn’t