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Buffy The Integrity Slayer

Right, so let’s say you’re Buffy Wicks. You’ve were the director of the Obama campaign in Missouri, probably doing some “organizing”, you were there during those raucous Texas caucuses, and you were Obama’s California Field Director. You love you some

Buffy The Integrity Slayer

Right, so let’s say you’re Buffy Wicks. You were the director of the Obama campaign in Missouri, probably doing some “organizing,” you were there during those raucous Texas caucuses, and you were Obama’s California Field Director. You love you some

Boxer's Book Signings: Bold, Open Forums

Now look, as one artist to another, I was determined to leave Barbara Boxer’s book signing events for Blind Trust off-limits. Considering her intellectual gifts, many of you might still be surprised that she would stoop to the political thriller

On Michael Jackson

By happenstance, I was in Hugh Hewitt’s studio yesterday when the news about the one-time Prince of Pop (that’s all I’ll give him, sorry) broke. We spent much of the next three hours talking about his death and what it

Two Hours of Jack Bauer Power Hour

The big question is whether FOX will finally actually air a two hour show, or will they continue their habit of advertising such but then just showing one hour shows, back to back. I know, it seems trivial, but in

'24' Live Blog

As the forces of evil gather around the world in cabals of socialism, collectivism, and despotism, all thrilling at the enthrallment of our own President, we few gather here to watch a show that, tame as it may be, feels

Jack Bauer Does Not Go Around Apologizing for America

Or bowing to Saudi Kings, or acting all Euro-smart while referring to the “Austrian language.” But here we are, spending a quiet hour where the Mrs. Madame President and her horrible daughter characters make us more comfortable than the actual

24 West Coast Blog – No (Rap) Haters

Ok, here are the good people: Jack, Tony, Chloe, Mr. Chloe. Maybe the former Chief of Staff… probably Skinny Red-Headed Rogue Agent With Crush On Jack And A Taste For The Rough Stuff. Here are the bad people: President’s Daughter,

'24' Live Blog for West Coast and Lazy People

Of course we’re only churning around in the Gulf Stream wake of Dave Barry’s “24” blog here, but those people are so…I don’t know…so Dave Barry. They have all the Dave Barry books, and know all the inside Dave Barry

Let's Talk About Mormons (and 'Big Love')!

Tonight, HBO’s “Big Love,” which has become tremendous television, runs its season finale. In spite of the fact that the first large media portrayal of Mormons living and working in America (in my memory) is based around a rogue polygamist

'24' Live Blog

Tonight, you run the show. We’ll kick in comments where necessary, but you get to drive the conversation. Now get in there and do us proud!


Here we go. Got my wine, got my pasta, need some cheese…oh wait, here it is! See you below for the double hour: FROM THE EDITORS — As featured in today’s marquee: “24” becoming the first “carbon neutral” television series.

Thanks So Very Much, All of You

Thanks Tom, Melanie, Stage Right, um, Andrew, Andy, Ace, uh, Ben….Doug, gosh, there are so many people to thank, and if I forget you, you KNOW I love you… um, John, Alex, so many people who worked behind the scenes

Oh yeah, Hugh Jackman!

Actually, it was nice not having a lot of schtick from a host every 15 minutes. nice track at the end here! The previews are better than the whole night, but isn’t that always the way?

I had forgotten why I don't watch these things

but there it is. yuch. most popular boy in school wins for message film over a once-in-a-decade performance. And here he goes. F*** you, Sean Penn, for talking to people like that. Shame like yours for not applauding Elia Kazan?

The Circle Of Five

These mutually self aggrandizing moments are really hard to take. They love themselves, they really love themselves!

I'll Be Seeing You

She seems really nice. She looks the part. I know she does the work and is giving it a hell of a go….but since the visuals are up on the screens, couldn’t they go a tier or three higher for

Fleeting fame…

how does it go, Mike…? Who the hell is Jerry Lewis? Bring me Jerry Lewis! Bring me a Jerry Lewis type! Bring me Jery Lewis! Who the hell is Jerry lewis?

Film Editing

Now here’s a category full of great artists with great rhythm who are seldom recognized. …right back with “Host” Hugh Jackman.

Watching the musical thing on Tivo…

Beyonce’s trying not to trip while walking down the stairs seemed to morph into the first of several lame dance steps. Isn’t she in the shape required to sing this live? Amanda Seyfried for President of Earth. Why Beyonce? Why,

Oh. My.

Meryl Streep’s daughter is making me re-think my politics.

whoo boy. the night i never watch…

this will be the first one of thse I’ve sat through in over a decade…goes to show how fun this site can be! i’ll be rooting for my friends and saying nasty things about people I’ll then hope to never

24 reasons to watch '24' tonight despite Janeane Garofalo

I try to separate the art from the artist, I really do, especially among actors. The thing is, if you believe you can sense Garofalo’s hatred and disdain for us in her onscreen performance, you must be deeply sensitive. Whenever

LIVE-BLOGGING 24, Comments

In loving memory of Andrew’s youth, here we go… Ok, so we’re late to the party. What are you going to do, set up a perimeter? This is the show I love, then love to hate, then actually hate, then

What's Not To Like: Gillibrand

Not to focus too much on aesthetics in politics (and as someone who’s written about the illusion that beauty is goodness, I’m neither applauding this nor making judgment on her qualifications, which I haven’t even read up on), but if

On Drinking Through Tuesday

Look, I recommend it. Watching him do everything short of wear a fake beard and top hat is going to be tough for anyone who didn’t buy into the cult of Obama. If, like me, you don’t think that this

Coming Out To A Whole New World

I almost used the title: “Sappy Singer-Songwriter Sends Self into Career Epilogue“, to save some of you a lot of time… Hi. Writing a first post has been very difficult, because there’s no going back after this. Six years ago