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Nanny State Trolls for Homeschooled Children in Illinois

Recently Illinois Senator Ed Maloney (D) introduced SB136 which would require “the parents or legal guardians of children attending non-public schools, a defined term, or private or parochial schools to annually register their children with the State Board of Education,

Illinois: Pension Debacle Poster Child

Co-authored with Bill Zettler There has been much talk regarding the unsustainable fiscal mess most states are mired in. Some are even discussing the creation of legislation that will allow states to declare bankruptcy. The largest component of the mess

African-Americans Snubbed by Chicago MSM

Why am I not surprised. Once again the Main Stream Media (MSM) exposes its lack of journalistic integrity in ignoring news that doesn’t fit its liberal narrative, when all but one of Chicago’s MSM snubbed a well publicized press conference