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The Grand and Gracious Andy Williams

This story warms my heart: Andy Williams is not a fan of the president: I think he wants to create a socialist country. The people he associates with are very Left-wing. One is registered as a Communist. Yes, that Andy

Jack Bauer and the Pope

[There are spoilers in this post.] 24 isn’t the first thing most people would think of when looking for a pop-culture representation of papal guidance, but if you’ve been watching 24 this season, you’ve seen a taste of what Pope

Rocky, My Man

As you’ve heard, over at National Review Online, we’re going through a list of the best 25 conservative movies of the last 25 years. If you’re a reader of our print edition, you might have seen the full list by

Calling George Clooney

Yesterday I mentioned the doc-sitcom Scrubs. Today, comes this news on the Wall Street Journal‘s op-ed page: “Hospital Scrubs Are a Germy, Deadly Mess.” In the last season of another medical drama, ER, will George Clooney have the audacity to

Good Works

For various reasons, I have been thinking a lot about death lately. Most recently, I blame Scrubs. (Spoiler alert.) Without being grim or sectarian, let me summarize. During an episode of the NBC ABC show last night, stars J.D. and