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Ken Klukowski

Ken Klukowski

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Ted Cruz makes a point AP PhotoSenate TV

Senate Democrats Block Ted Cruz Refugee Bills

Democrat senators today sided with President Barack Obama in the growing conflict between the president and other federal and state officials on how to deal with Syrian refugees in the aftermath of ISIS’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

March For Life

Supreme Court to Hear Major Abortion Case in 2016

The case is Whole Women’s Health v. Cole, challenging a Texas law that requires abortion doctors to be admitted to practice in local hospitals, and that abortion facilities meet the same requirements as most medical facilities in terms of quality and care. Arguments are expected in March or April 2016, with a decision by the end of June.

Getty Images

Christians in Bethlehem Endure Through Deadly Persecution

BETHLEHEM—“We are the forgotten people, but we are not forgotten by God.” That’s how Pastor Naim Khoury of First Baptist Church of Bethlehem—the largest evangelical church in the Palestinian-controlled West Bank area of Israel—explained his church’s continuing existence. After all, it’s been bombed 14 times.

John Kerry AP

Obama-Kerry State Dept Accuses Israel of Terrorism

JERUSALEM—Ordinary Israelis are furious about the Obama administration’s accusing Israel of committing acts of terrorism, drawing moral equivalency between the Jewish State and the terrorists who seek Israel’s destruction.


Israeli Counter-Terrorism Expert Shows the Chaos on Syria’s Border

From an elevated observation point only a few hundred yards from Israel’s border with Syria, observers can hear and witness the civil war underway there, and with a single sweep of the eyes can take in a village controlled by al Qaeda, next to a second controlled by Hezbollah, and occasionally see plumes of smoke or hear the sounds of bombs exploding in the distance.

Israel Wall  APKevin Frayer

Israel’s Security Fence Saves Lives, Builder Tells America

JERUSALEM—Knife-wielding terrorists are proof that Israel’s security fence saves thousands of both Israeli and Palestinian lives, the fence’s creator, Danny Tirza, tells Breitbart News. He also remarks that Barack Obama did not understand the need for Israel’s security system when he spoke with him several years ago.

AP/Nasser Nasser

Palestinian Lawyers Honor Terrorist for Suicide Murders

JERUSALEM—Muhannad al-Halabi was a Palestinian law student who was killed by Israeli authorities, following al-Halabi’s stabbing of two Israeli citizens to death in the Old City—which is part of Jerusalem—on Oct. 4, 2015. Al-Halabi is now being honored as a

AP Photo

Supreme Court Faces Big Cases as 2015 Term Begins

WASHINGTON—Obamacare, religious liberty, Iran, and racial preferences are four of the major issues the justices will confront during the Supreme Court’s annual Term, which begins Monday, Oct. 5. The High Court will decide between 70 and 80 cases over the

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo

Conservative Leaders Push SCOTUS in Presidential Race

WASHINGTON—Seventy national conservative leaders have issued a “Memo to the Movement” on the Supreme Court, calling on conservatives to focus Republican presidential candidates on what sort of justices they would appoint. These leaders have one simple demand: “No more surprises.”

Obama Changes Rules on Obamacare AP

Court: Congress Can Sue Admin on Obamacare Subsidies

WASHINGTON—Congress can sue President Barack Obama’s administration over a key part of Obamacare, a federal court has ruled. Lawmakers are challenging federal agencies granting tax subsidies to Americans for purchasing healthcare policies, because Congress has never appropriated funds for this part of the president’s controversial namesake law.


Poll: Social Issues Surge in Importance to Voters

Establishment elites repeat in an echo chamber that voters don’t care about social issues or, alternatively, that voters favor liberal positions on these issues, so either way, Republicans should avoid them. But Republican candidates are ignoring this coastal-elite groupthink by tackling these issues, and polls show that voters do in fact deeply care about what kind of culture we live in.