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BH Interview: 'His Way' Director Douglas McGrath, Part 1

The documentary feature “His Way” premiered on HBO this past Spring. “His Way” is based on the autobiography “When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead,” which highlights the life and career of the great film producer/concert promoter/manager/philanthropist/entrepreneur Jerry Weintraub

How Audience Apathy Kills Conservative Art

In recent weeks, I have read a number of Big Hollywood articles concerning Hollywood’s and the media’s treatment of the September 11th attacks in the years since they occurred. In particular, there have been some interesting and provocative articles about

Journey to 'Fear of a Black Republican'

Being a filmmaker who happens to be Republican, I had long considered making a documentary about why there are so few Republicans where I live and what that means in a city with an African American-majority population and Democratic Party-controlled