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About Those 'Racial Slurs:' Real News or Media Propaganda?

[youtube -SCs6pSE8_I&feature nolink] Fox News reported yesterday that black lawmakers alleged they were the targets of racial slurs, including the N-word, as they walked through Tea Party protesters into the Capitol. Today, the Washington Post reported the alleged incident, notably

Why Chuck Todd and the MSM Fear the Blogosphere

One must at least credit NBC’s Chuck Todd with one virtue. He is utterly transparent. When real “journalist” Todd – Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News and the co-hose of The Daily Rundown — gave this impish put down

Michelle Obama, Liberal Government and Obesity

First Lady, Michelle Obama, has decided to take a whack at solving the American obesity epidemic. Splendid. She should start by looking at one of the biggest roots of the problem: liberal government and its most favorite project of the