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Cossacks Motorcycle Club

EXCLUSIVE: Cossacks Biker Gang Recently ‘Transferred’ Members into ‘Bandidos Territory’

After Sunday’s deadly events in Waco related to outlaw biker gangs, exclusive research by Breitbart Texas shows that the Facebook pages of self-proclaimed members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club were filled with images designed to taunt members of the rival Bandidos club that has dominated Texas for years. Additionally, the Cossacks social media accounts indicate that the group has been strengthening their Texas ranks with what they identify as “transfers,” or bikers brought in from other states to bolster the gang’s numbers.

Cossacks Motorcycle Club

Biker Truthers Emerge Calling Waco Shootout a ‘Police Massacre’

A website widely read by bikers called “The Aging Rebel” has published an alternative account of what happened during Sunday’s bloody shootout in Waco, Texas. The article titled The Waco Police Massacre brings out a number of details not previously published and also presents the controversial theory that event was essentially a police ambush.


Texas Shooter’s Imam Warned Members to ‘Be Careful’ of FBI Informant

The Iman of the Phoenix, Arizona, mosque attended by Texas terror shooter Elton Simpson gathered members years ago to warn them about a potential danger in their midst–but it was not Simpson he warned them about. According to a recent New York Times article, the Iman warned others in the mosque that he was concerned that an FBI informant had infiltrated the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.


Guts and Garland

If more Americans had the guts of Pamela Geller, every city in our country would be holding their own Mohammed Art contest next weekend.


Now-Suspended Twitter Account Applauded Garland Attack

Soon after the apparent terrorist attack on Pam Geller’s “Draw Mohammed” art contest in Garland, Texas – which left one police officer wounded, and the two suspected terrorists dead – a now-suspended Twitter account under the user name @AbuHussainAlBritani posted several Tweets supportive of the shooting.

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