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Lee Stranahan

Lee Stranahan

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Black Friday Chicago (Lee Stranahan / Breitbart News)

Black Friday Chicago: A Win for Obama and Rahm Emanuel

The Black Friday Shut Down was one of the left’s most successful direct actions in a recent memory. And it couldn’t have happened without the help of President Barack Obama and his former chief of staff, current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.


War on Cops: HuffPo Thanksgiving Front Page Stokes Flames of Chicago Protests

The front page of leading liberal new media site The Huffington Post greeted their early morning Thanksgiving viewers with a stew of anti-police headlines, all under the banner headline “Monsters With Badges.” Later in the morning HuffPo had the same theme but switched the headline to the more festive “Rotten to the Core.”

Farrakhan video

Louis Farrakhan Gives Mizzou Protesters High Praise in Video Message

The black student protesters–particularly activist Jonathan Butler–got a ringing endorsement from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who recorded a video message to them last week in which he cautioned the University’s new black President not to be an “Uncle Tom” and referred to the successful UM student protests as “the epicenter of the movement of students.”

shooting in New Orleans Michael DeMockerThe Times-Picayune via AP

16 Wounded as Gunfire Erupts at New Orleans Block Party

It was another example of the nationwide epidemic of black-on-black violence, as a shooting at a park in New Orleans’ 9th Ward sent at least 16 people to the hospital Sunday night. An unpermitted block party at Bunny Friend Playground with an estimated 500 people in attendance turned violent when two rival groups opened fire on each other. Victims, including a 14-year old girl, were all listed in stable condition.


University of Missouri Audience Applauds as Ben Shapiro Rips Aggressive Professor

Ben Shapiro’s speech Thursday evening at the University of Missouri was a galvanizing moment for the campus and community that became the national focus of media attention in early November after a group of radical black liberation activists, assisted by leftist faculty members, forced the resignation of the university’s president and chancellor.


Female Suicide Bombers Strike Nigeria with Second Mass Casualty Attack in Two Days

Two female suicide bombers launched a deadly attack that killed an estimated 15 people at a packed mobile phone market in Kano, Nigeria, on Wednesday. Kano is the largest city in Northern Nigeria. The explosion ripped through Farm Centre market just after 4:00pm local time and comes only a day after a terrorist attack killed 32 and wounded 80 in the Northeast city of Yola.

AP Photo

Black Activists Double Down on Hate with #F***Paris Hashtag

Resentful black activists and their comrades started a backlash against the huge public sympathy for the Parisian victims of the Islamist terror war. On Sunday, they used Twitter’s hashtag #FuckParis to reveal their emotional reaction to their loss of attention. Breitbart News’ Milo