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AP Working to Find the Facts About Church Fires

Breitbart News has reported on what Black Lives Matter activists are referring to as the “seven church fires” that they are pointing to as more evidence of widepread racism after the shooting in Charleston that was allegedly done to spark a race war. As we reported, behind that headline is the fact that three of the seven fires aren’t considered by local investigators to be arson.

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Race War #FAIL: Shabazz Shut Down by Amazing Grace

The rally and march against white supremacy that was supposed to be thousands of people actually only had about 50 at the beginning. The march dwindled to 10 by the time they reached the Mother Emmanuel AME church. Once the group to begin to chant, a woman at the site begin singing Amazing Grace to shut their protest down.


Real Texas Heroes Visit Charleston Massacre Site

Members of the Houston Police Department Bike Relay Team made an emotional stop at the site of last week’s horrible shooting in Charleston on Sunday morning. The 43-member group – 40 members of the Houston Police Department and 3 civilians – came to pay respects at the Mother Emanuel AME Church as part of their 2200 mile trip from Houston to New York City to raise money and awareness to help find a cure for leukemia and lymphoma.


Former Stripper Sista Solove Responds to Michael Moore Protege Who Wrote the Art of Mackin’

Sista Solove aka Shamira Collins is proud to call herself an ‘angry black woman’ and she’s responded to her critics after becoming the subject of controversy among black activists. Solove gained national exposure after videos showing her heckling CNN and calling for a race war went viral and then Breitbart News followed up with more information on her background, including previous arrests for exposure related to adult entertainment work.

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Vandals Strike Charleston Monument Again

Vandals have struck again for the second time in less than a week at Charleston South Carolina’s Marion Square, this time throwing water balloons filled with paint at a monument to John C. Calhoun just about a block away from the Mother Emanuel AME church.

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Malik Zulu Shabazz on Dylann Roof: ‘All We Want is His Death’

At Tuesday’s controversial New Black Panther Party rally in Charleston South Carolina, NBPP leader Malik Zulu Shabazz called for the death penalty for accused white racist killer Dylann Roof and said that the black victims would’ve been safer if they had been allowed to have guns in church.

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Al Sharpton to New Black Panthers: Get Out of Charleston

The National Action Network (NAN)—Al Sharpton’s civil rights group that has close ties to the Obama administration—has called on the New Black Panther Party to get out of Charleston, South Carolina. Local NAN leaders held a press conference Wednesday night in Marion Square, where the Panther rally had been held the night before and said they “will not allow hate” in the wake of the slaughter of nine black churchgoers, allegedly at the hands of a white racist.


Meet Viral Charleston Black Power Activist Sista Solove

Some have claimed that Solove was merely a “random passerby” in Charleston whose views weren’t important to the larger story, but an investigation by Breitbart News shows that while Solove may be outspoken, she’s a recognized and respected activist in the modern Black Power movement.

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New Black Panther Party Charleston Rally: ‘This is War’

At a speech during a rally Tuesday night a block from the scene of the Charleston massacre of nine black churchgoers, New Black Panther ally Shaka Shakur treated the criminal attack as war, calling for “freestanding militias” to surround churches and claiming that alleged shooter Dylann Roof was a “solider” who “carried out his mission” after being trained and sent by others.


Woman Calls for Race War at Scene of Church Shooting

During an interview with people gathered outside the Mother Emmanuel American Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where Wednesday’s deadly shooting left nine black churchgoers dead, a woman called for a “race war” and discussed black anger.

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WATCH: Arrested Waco Biker’s Full Press Statement

Matt Clendennen is one of the “Waco 170″ — the 177 people arrested after the shooting incident outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas that made national headlines on May 15th. Here is his statement from a June 15th press conference, discussing what he saw at the restaurant, and his arrest and incarceration.


Biker Thug or Innocent Victim of Waco Police? Watch & Decide!

The controversy over the Waco 170 continues as mre info comes out about the people who were arrested after the deadly May 15th shooting incident outside a biker event in Waco, Texas. Now with this exclusive interview with one of the arrested, you can make up your own mind.

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