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Paul Kieu / The Daily Advertiser via AP

War on Cops: Cop Murdered in Louisiana Is 9th Police Death for State this Year

A police officer has been murdered in Sunset, Louisiana, after answering a domestic call. Officer Henry Nelson died Wednesday night after allegedly being shot by Harrison Lee Wiley Jr. Also dead is Shameka Johnson, one of two victims police say were stabbed by Wiley. At press time, the other victim—Wiley’s wife, Courtney Jolivette—was in the hospital.


Rand Paul ‘Willing To Meet’ With Black Lives Matter

The choice of topics news outlet selects to ask a candidate about is a tip off. It’s the first journalistic choice a reporter makes. Asking about Black Lives Matter instead asking about Benghazi or Hillary’s email server or Planned Parenthood sets the table for what a candidate will say.

Deez Nutz (Screenshot / Youtube)

Progressive Pollsters Take over Dem Mockery Machine with “Deez Nuts”

With Jon Stewart retired and Stephen Colbert off the air for the summer, the Democrat establishment has picked up the slack in their tried-and-true technique of victory through mockery. Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) included a teenager using the name “Deez Nuts” in a recent presidental poll and showed him polling at 9 percent.


Rick Perry Shows Trump Has Changed Immigration Narrative

GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has managed to single-handedly change the debate about immigration overnight, and now his rivals, like former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, are showing signs of desperately scrambling to catch up. In a recent appearance on CNN, Perry was forced to waffle on the issue of “anchor babies” and birthright citizenship.


Black Lives Matter = New Occupy Wall St: Lisa Fithian Spotted in Ferguson

Lisa Fithian, the far-left activist who [Mother Jones magazine] called “Professor Occupy,” has been spotted engaging in direct actions in Ferguson, Missouri just one day after violent protests there. https://twitter.com/fergusonaction/status/630800138840076292 Fithian is a longtime fixture in the leftist “peace and

Kelly Granier/YouTube

Memphis Police Director in Eulogy for Slain Officer: ‘We Are Not the Enemy’

In a moving tribute on Thursday—both to murdered Memphis police officer Sean Bolton and to law enforcement officers across the country, who increasingly find themselves under fire from the media and anti-police activist group Black Lives Matter—Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong repeated the message that police “are not the enemy” and “all lives matter.”

LGBT #blacklivesmatter (Jamie Santos / Facebook)

What O’Reilly’s Black Lives Matter Segment Left Out

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly did a segment on Tuesday night’s show about the Black Lives Matter movement with Washington Times writer Kelly Riddell that was solid, highlighting some of Riddell’s work about how progressive billionaire George Soros has been

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