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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Esquire Says Bobby Jindal Should Be “Punched In The Dick” Over Roseburg Comments

Esquirehas been around since 1933, which means it took almost exactly 93 years for it to reach the absolute bottom of the barrel. A new “article” in the men’s magazine—check it out and you’ll see why it barely counts as an article—attacks Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal with a piece saying he should be jabbed in the manhood for suggesting male parents matter.

FOX CT/screenshot

12 Black Lives Matter Protesters Arrested in Hartford While Murder Rate Spikes

Twelve people were arrested Monday in Hartford, Connecticut, for disorderly conduct after blocking traffic and access to the University of Hartford while chanting “Black Lives Matter!” Officers asked the protesters to stop sitting and standing in the roadway, and when they refused to comply, they arrested the anti-law enforcement agitators.

Bomb Threat - AP Image

Oregon Community College Evacuated Due to Bomb Threat

Another southern Oregon community college was the scene of drama on Monday morning as Rogue River Community College evacuated all of its campuses after reports of armed people and a bomb threat at the Grants Pass location. Rouge River is about an hour south of Roseburg, home of last week’s deadly school shooting.


Coffee Chain Gave Free Coffee to Uplift Roseburg Residents

“No charge. This one’s on us.” That’s what residents of Roseburg, Oregon were told when they pulled up to the window to pay for their order at Dutch Bros., the Oregon-based coffee chain. The goal was simple: a little surprise to lift the spirits of Roseburg after Thursday’s horrific shooting that left nine people dead at Umpqua Community College.

Barack Obama

Obama Not Welcome In Roseburg, Says Local Newspaper Publisher

David Jaques, the publisher of the conservative newspaper the Roseburg Beacon, says he believes that President Obama would not be welcome to the town after making remarks politicizing the shooting that left nine dead and nine injured at Umpqua Community College on October 1. Jaques told Breitbart News that he believes officials of Douglas County would also not welcome the President using the tragedy to score political points for a gun control agenda.

Oregon School Shooting - Umpqua College

Thousands of Candles Lit at UCC Shooting Vigil

The light from thousands of candles lit the darkness in Roseburg, Oregon, as the town’s residents began to deal with the aftermath of the Umpqua Community College (UCC) shooting that left at least 9 victims dead. Breitbart News was on the scene as Roseburg residents gathered together to pray and pay respects while the Obama administration had already begun to politicize the events.

Bill Maher / Reuters via Fox News

Bill Maher Doubles Down on Ahmed Mohamed’s ‘Clock’

Credit where it’s due to comedian Bill Maher and HBO show Real Time, which has become one of the few mass media outlets telling the truth about “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed, who was removed from his Irving, Texas school when he brought a device to the school unannounced that resembled a bomb. The story went viral after a push from Islamic activist group CAIR and a tweet from President Obama, but Maher’s show has consistently fought the narrative on it.

Texas Muslim Student Clock

Nearly All Agree: Ahmed’s ‘Clock’ Looks Like a Bomb

Dan Joseph from MRCTV went to George Mason University and showed students there a picture of 14-year-old Ahmed Muhamed’s disassembled-clock-in-a-briefcase that he brought to school and guess what? Almost every one of them thought it looked like…wait for it…a bomb!

Massive protest shuts down parts of the Mall of America on a busy shopping day

Black Lives Matter Offshoot Activist Arrested After Threatening Police and ‘Crackers’

Police in Clayton County, Gerogia have arrested Black Lives Matter activist Latausha Nedd aka “Eye Empress Sekhmet” after she posted a video calling for “open season” on police and “crackers” that also called for taking over police stations. The three minute video that landed Nedd in legal trouble shows her menacing a gun and a machete while dressed in camouflage.

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Media Falsely Reporting that Police Won’t Return Ahmed’s ‘Clock’

The family and supporters of “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed continue to spread false narratives to garner sympathy and disparage authorities, this time acting as though Irving, Texas police are withholding the suspicious looking device that Mohamed brought to school from his family. Mohamed has seen a flood of support from everyone from President Obama to officials at Facebook to Google, who hailed the boy for the clock he claimed to have invented that turned out to be a 1980s device from Radio Shack that he had removed from its case.

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