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Follow the Yellow Brick Road Back to 'Oz'

Follow the Yellow Brick Road Back to 'Oz'

Usually for this site, I’m charged with pointing out offensive things or analyzing the latest stupid comment from this celebrity or that celebrity.  That’s why it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to do the exact opposite, and give you

The Curious Case of Free-Thinking Film Critic Armond White

If you don’t know who Armond White is, you’re missing out. Dubbed the “Internet Troll” of movie critics, the eloquent and controversial critic for the New York Press recently received mainstream attention after his performance as the host for the

ET Meets the UN

The United Nations announced that they have appointed an ambassador to handle the potential (inevitable?) contact with alien life forms. Should aliens land on planet Earth, they will be greeted by Mazian Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist. The reaction to the

Taxpayer Funding for the Arts Corrupts the Arts

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Juan Williams/NPR debacle. You may also know that Senator Jim DeMint has vowed to introduce legislation that will deprive NPR, as well as public television, of taxpayer funds. It seems that in this political

Peter Jackson vs. The Unions

So my good friends, the labor unions, have decided to pick a fight with Peter Jackson and his upcoming production of “The Hobbit.” Of course, they are not my good friends, I say that sarcastically. Unions in general are bad

The Deal With Tax Credits For Filmmakers

A lot has been written about state tax credit programs on this site and many others. I’ve produced and/or directed seven feature films that have used state tax credits as part of their financing structure. I feel it necessary to

Miley's & Christina's 'Edgy' New Videos Are a Bore

Have you seen the new music videos by Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera? If you haven’t, let me save you nine minutes of precious time. Both videos feature the young, attractive, talented singers clad in lingerie dancing, gyrating and engaging

About My 'Hit Girl' Review….

The dream of every young filmmaker is to have one of their cinematic idols watch their work and respond positively. Nothing would make me happier than to get that praising phone call from Steven Spielberg (pre-“Munich” Spielberg of course). So

The True Lessons of 'Geico-Gate'

Last week a rather odd story broke on Big Government and Big Hollywood. The voice-over guy for Geico, D.C. Douglas, was fired after he left a voicemail with Freedomworks. On the voicemail he called Tea Partiers homicidal retards. My first

'Kick-Ass' Is the Quintessential Libertarian Film

I wasn’t really surprised to see a lot of negative comments here on a recent review of the film “Kick-Ass.” An eleven-year old-girl cursing and firing a Glock 20 into the faces of mob thugs isn’t exactly for everybody. I

The American Revolution…REBOOTED!

If I had a dollar for every time some tool during the health care debate brought up how “we’re the only industrialized” nation in the world without socialized health care I’d have a lot of money. Why, I could even

Sarah Palin: The Horror Movie

I make horror movies for a living. I’ve produced, written or directed zombie movies, werewolf movies, alien invasion movies, vampire movies, serial killer movies, freaky Frankenstein movies and yes, a film about giant, mutant whooping cranes (links may be NSFW).

ONE YEAR GONE: George W. Bush…Idiot.

One year ago today President Bush left the White House. It’s been said before, but I think on this anniversary it bears repeating. George W. Bush is an idiot. That’s right. He’s a dolt. A moron. A cowboy. An anti-intellectual.