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Do You Believe in Miracles?

There was a time when I didn’t believe in God or miracles or anything else related to Christianity.  I wrote in my book, Finding Mr. Righteous, about my religious journey and the moments that led to becoming Christian.  One of

How to Tell When a Democrat is Losing

Macaca. Legitimate rape. Forty-seven percent. Remember these phrases?  The media said they defined the Republican candidates.  There was endless coverage of them.  But what happens when a Democrat says that he doesn’t support parental consent before a 14 year-old can

Winning the Senate Depends on Picking the Right Battles

I’m generally skeptical of consultants who hype up digital and social media capabilities while ignoring the “old-fashioned” part of campaigning.  Much was made in the 2012 election about the Obama campaign’s use of technology, while ignoring the boots on the

The Lobbyist and the Entrepreneur

Last week, Glenn Reynolds (the great Instapundit) remarked that “when lobbying pays better than any other investment” you end up with a decline in entrepreneurship.  Indeed, recent data shows that start-up businesses are on the decline.  The Daily Signal recently

NRA Launches

Today NRA launched, a website dedicated to exposing Bloomberg and and elitist, hypocritical and anti-freedom agenda. Check out their first ad:

Former SNL Actor: Show 'Killed Sarah Palin'

In the newly updated book, Live From New York, former SNL Horatio Sanz boasts about the show’s political influence.  In an interview for the book, he said: I always kind of felt bad when Will Ferrell did his Bush impression because

An End to the SolarCity Fairy Tale?

It appears that Wall Street may finally realize that the phony SolarCity success story is coming to an end. Back in March I highlighted this Fox News/ report detailing all the government freebies they receive.  SolarCity’s own financial report said,

Another Reason to Love Andrew W.K.

I love Andrew W.K.  I love his wardrobe. I love “Party Hard.” I love when he’s on “Red Eye.”  Now I also love him for this very mature, nonpolitical response which appeared in his Village Voice advice column to a

'43' Writing Biography on '41'

Forwarded to me from a friend: Dear Bush Family and Friends, Later tonight, Crown Publishers will announce a biography of President George H. W. Bush (“41”) by his son, President George W. Bush (“43”). We wanted you to hear it

The Eco-Friendly Tax Credit Shell Game

You know how we keep hearing about the incentives for people to “go green” for the tax credits?  Turns out those tax credits aren’t always going to the consumer.  Solar City has come under frequent criticism of its unethical behavior

E! Network Sides with Ginsburg, Alienates Viewers

E! Network Sides with Ginsburg, Alienates Viewers

E!, an entertainment network on cable best known for giving the Kardashians show after show, waded into the recent SCOTUS news with this tweet. The best parts of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s scathing 35-page dissent in the Hobby Lobby birth control

Political Campaign Saves a Marriage!

File this under “Man Bites Dog.”  From the Capital Gazette: [Laura] Neuman said that despite the loss, the months of campaigning revived her marriage with Paul Volkman. Volkman had filed for divorce in March, but she’s eager to say they

Junk Science Babe Goes After Beer

Junk Science Babe Goes After Beer

Time and time again the Left falsely claims we’re the ones who are “anti-science.”  So, whenever I see a story about junk science, particularly, one pushed by the media I have to address it for its sheer stupidity. Unfortunately, the

The End of GOProud

The End of GOProud

I’ll get a few things out of the way.  I was the Director of CPAC from 2006-2011.  I fought for GOProud’s inclusion.  When they let me go in 2011, the board also voted to keep GOProud out.  Unfortunately, that didn’t

Are We Faking Cultural Literacy?

I’m an avid non-Section A reader of the New York Times.  It really is a good little paper for everything not related to politics or policy. Recently, there was a great article titled “Faking Cultural Literacy.”  From the article: What

Casting Your 2nd Vote

Truth be told, I’ve never been a big believer in boycotts.  But times could be changing.  The Left has made it their mission to integrate politics into every part of our lives.  The shows we watch, the restaurants where we


Check out this video from American Encore and American Commitment.  Good stuff.  It’s going to be a tough election for Democrats… as long as Republicans stay on message and hammer home on the Obamacare lie.

Sasse the Uniter!

Get ready for the “I told you so” post. It’s important to note that Ben Sasse’s campaign received endorsements from tea party-supported figures like Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, established conservative media like National Review, DC-based

The Dodd-Frank-Dinsdale Act of 2010

There’s a saying about politics and law making that if you’re not at the table you’re on the menu. In other words, if you’re a businessman and a big government liberal threatens your industry, cozy up to him to try

Obama's War on Workers

The Obama Administration wants to eliminate jobs and make more people dependent on the government.  There simply isn’t any other way to put it.  They have turned their sites on for-profit, non-traditional colleges, like trade schools and continuing-ed programs for

Shane Osborn is a Bad Friend

A story by the Omaha World-Herald today could spell deeper trouble for the mysterious naval officer who produced a fake memo at the request of U.S. Senate candidate and former Navy pilot Shane Osborn.  The World-Herald reported that television station KETV

Mike Rowe on Finding Mr. Right

Forgive me, Convo readers, for another post linking to my book, Finding Mr. Righteous.  This time I have a point, I promise.  The point is that Mike Rowe is right about nearly everything.  He’s right about skilled trades.  He’s right

Dana Perino on Intolerant LGBT Leaders

Dana Perino has a great opinion piece on today about San Diego congressional candidate Carl DeMaio.   For instance, DeMaio has been the target of homophobic attacks. But where are those attacks coming from? It’s not always from the

Romney Back in the Political Game

A few weeks ago I was at an event at my hair salon and I had the opportunity to talk to a local jewelry designer.  Like many Americans, she doesn’t pay attention to politics every day.  She had recently seen

Red Eye Confessions

Red Eye Confessions

This week I was on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld for the first time.  It’s been a dream of mine ever since I watched it for the first time.  Red Eye is the reason I got DVR.  I have the

How to Get Ahead in Any Town, Not Just 'This Town'

Next on  my reading list is Charles Murray’s The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead.  On the tips for transitioning from college to the working world, he writes: I’m thinking especially of tip No. 1, “Don’t suck up.” How can I