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Trumpet a Revolution

Over the last days and weeks, we read the MSM and Republican leadership’s criticism of Donald Trump. From Erick Erickson’s declaration that no one who supports Trump is a Republican or conservative and will lack any credibility in the future, to the pundits all indicating that the Trump supporters are xenophobic, islamophobic or simply racists. All of this while polling continues to show strength for Trump by those same supporters.

Fox Diminished, Trump Triumphant

Watching last night’s debate was pitiful, not for the lack of good questions, but for the clear effort to diminish the front runner, Donald Trump. Kicking off the debate with the “pledge” was both a stupid stunt and lacking in any real “aha” moment. Trump’s been clear, and I for one am glad he answered the way he did. He stuck to his earlier comments and was not shy about his position on the matter.

Donald Trump’s Wall

Trump has tapped into the frustration of many Americans on the right who are tired of being lied to by the current establishment Republican Party. Donald Trump is rising in the polls because he has resonated with those who understand that the D.C. crowd does not care about fixing the problems facing America.

Skoda: Donald Trump Rockets Into Nashville

President of the TRA and conference organizer, Sharon Ford, stated that “the NFRA seeks to bring the Republican Party back to its core values through grass roots activism. Our national conference allows people from across the country to meet, share views and listen to a great group of speakers about issues important to them. We are so glad to have Donald Trump confirm his attendance and expect that he will electrify the crowd with his plain speaking style and vision to make America great again!”

On Confusing Prejudice with Journalism

I wondered which pejorative term Wendi C. Thomas, of the Commercial Appeal, was referring to in her article “Bergmann More of a Blip than a Threat.” The article is a pure diatribe against the Charlotte Bergmann campaign. Wendi Thomas is