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Mary Chastain

Mary Chastain

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Over 1,000 Attend Funeral for Veteran with No Family

U.S. Marine Corp veteran Billy C. Aldridge, 80, passed away at his nursing facility in Indianapolis, but the nurses could not find any records of family members. So over 1,000 people crammed into the Lawrence United Methodist Church to honor the veteran for his service.


EXCLUSIVE: PJ Media Adds Parenting, Lifestyle Content

On Wednesday, PJ Media announced an expansion into parenting and lifestyle news along with a new design on their website. The Internet provides immediate answers or guidance for parents, but the many options can overwhelm and not all are for the right. This addition provides conservative parents with a one stop shop for all their needs.

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Photos: The Victims of Paris

ISIS-linked terrorists slaughtered 129 people, 100 people alone in a concert hall, on Friday in Paris. Family members and friends took to social media to put faces to those lost in the tragedy.