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YON: Al Qaeda Taking over in Syria

YON: Al Qaeda Taking over in Syria

The Syrian rebel Kawa Khalil told me the recent story of the Holy Cross church. Before the war, the church doubled as a school, attended by Muslims and Christians. After the destruction of Syria began, classrooms became homes for refugees.
Syria: Outrage Is Not a Strategy

Syria: Outrage Is Not a Strategy

In 2006, the talking points from London and Washington insisted: we had won the war in Afghanistan, and Iraq was not in civil war. To say otherwise was apostasy. In 2006, British Defense Secretary John Reid was famously quoted on

MEDEVAC Scandal: Officer Reports AMEDD Sacrificing Soldier Safety

An Army officer writes: The Army is not resisting Dustoff policy change because our leadership honestly believes the current policy is superior, but rather because of AMEDD’s [Army Medical Department] protectionist attitude toward “their” Dustoff MEDEVAC helicopters. I’m an active

British Officer Slams US Army on Growing MEDEVAC Debacle

While reading traffic in a closed forum between current and former military officers, I stumbled across this message from a British officer. I’ve known him since the Iraq days, and he’s also served in Afghanistan. He’s an honest and very

Discussion of MEDEVAC Regulations Heats Up

Increasing progress is being made on the Army helicopter MEDEVAC problems. Media attention has been building and appears that it will soon break big. Communications are coming in spontaneously from key places. Support for improvement is snowballing. Pilots and crews

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