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GOP Finally Has Tool to Repeal ObamaCare

Perhaps there have been reasons Republicans backed down from previous budget battles. Whatever their validity in the past, as the FY 2016 budget moves through the process, one ting is clear: If the GOP leadership pulls its punches during reconciliation, then it too is part of the problem in Washington.
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Small Businesses Battle NLRB

Across the Obama Administration, hundreds of proposed regulatory changes are winding their way through an alphabet-soup of bureaucracies. Each of these will affect the economy is some way. The Job Creators Network campaign shows it is possible to fight back against these regulatory actions. Its a good lesson as the clock winds down on the Obama presidency.

Five Facts About Proposed ‘Doc Fix’

Medicare is still unsustainable in the current budget blueprint. This current permanent "doc fix" proposal may more accurately align with budget reality, but the myth that Congress can keep funding all its promises without significant reforms remains.
Barack Obama

CNN Poll: Voters’ Ideal 2016 Candidate an Anti-Obama

A new CNN poll, asking Americans about their "perfect" candidate in 2016, is a bitter prelude to Obama's presidential legacy. By strong majorities, Americans want a political leader with lots of experience who will reverse Obama's policies.
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DOJ Pulls Its Punches on Menendez

Up to this point, the Justice Department's case against Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) could be seen as a warning shot across the Senator's bow. Perhaps Menendez's future actions will determine whether or not DOJ finally takes the water-line shot.
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Rahm, Democrats Struggle With Progressive ‘Tea Party’

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is locked in a surprisingly tight run-off election to lead the Windy City, with the latest polls showing the incumbent in stuck in the mid-40s. Emanuel has the support of the Democrat establishment, Chicago media and deep-pocketed
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Right-to-Work May Be Obama’s Lasting Legacy

President Obama's largest legacy may be a policy he disagrees with. Right-to-work laws are sweeping the states, as legislatures and governors across the country empower individuals instead of Democratic-leaning labor unions.
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Only 17 Percent of Americans Think U.S. Economy Is #1

Americans seem to believe that the Chinese economy is already the largest in the world. Perception is often more important than reality. In this new reality, it seems, Americans are shrugging their shoulders. An America of dwindling expectations is the new normal.
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GOP Rep. Aaron Schock Under Fire for Office, Campaign Expenses

Rep. Aaron Schock, an Illinois Republican and former Men's Health magazine cover model, is making news in D.C. But not because of his legislative accomplishments. Schock's fame stems from his lavish lifestyle, much of it funded by taxpayers and campaign donors.
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GOP Has on On-line Gambling Problem

On-line gambling is proving to be a difficult problem for Republican politicians. A key question is whether it should be regulated at the federal or state levels, and big campaign donations may hang in the balance.
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US Lost the Post-Cold War

Twenty-five years ago, America stood alone in the world with a dynamic, rapidly growing economy and unchallenged leadership. It was, quite obviously, the best country in which to be born and offered the brightest economic future. Today, children in 15 other nations have better future prospects.

Muslim Brotherhood Attempt to Discredit Egyptian President Al-Sisi Backfires

Last week, a Turkish-based satellite channel with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood released a recording of a phone conversation between Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and two high-ranking Egyptian officials. The phone recordings allegedly took place in early 2014, when Sisi was the nation's defense minister, prior to becoming president.

Senior Egyptian Statesman: Obama is Losing Long-Time Ally Egypt

While the American media fretted over the career futures of Brian Williams and Jon Stewart, Russian President Vladimir Putin made his first trip to Egypt in a decade, exploiting America's increasingly tenuous relationship with its long-time ally. In less than two weeks, Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Egypt and its new President, Adbel al-Sisi. America is on the cusp of losing Egypt.

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