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Only 17 Percent of Americans Think U.S. Economy Is #1

Americans seem to believe that the Chinese economy is already the largest in the world. Perception is often more important than reality. In this new reality, it seems, Americans are shrugging their shoulders. An America of dwindling expectations is the new normal.
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GOP Rep. Aaron Schock Under Fire for Office, Campaign Expenses

Rep. Aaron Schock, an Illinois Republican and former Men's Health magazine cover model, is making news in D.C. But not because of his legislative accomplishments. Schock's fame stems from his lavish lifestyle, much of it funded by taxpayers and campaign donors.
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GOP Has on On-line Gambling Problem

On-line gambling is proving to be a difficult problem for Republican politicians. A key question is whether it should be regulated at the federal or state levels, and big campaign donations may hang in the balance.
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US Lost the Post-Cold War

Twenty-five years ago, America stood alone in the world with a dynamic, rapidly growing economy and unchallenged leadership. It was, quite obviously, the best country in which to be born and offered the brightest economic future. Today, children in 15 other nations have better future prospects.

Muslim Brotherhood Attempt to Discredit Egyptian President Al-Sisi Backfires

Last week, a Turkish-based satellite channel with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood released a recording of a phone conversation between Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and two high-ranking Egyptian officials. The phone recordings allegedly took place in early 2014, when Sisi was the nation's defense minister, prior to becoming president.

Senior Egyptian Statesman: Obama is Losing Long-Time Ally Egypt

While the American media fretted over the career futures of Brian Williams and Jon Stewart, Russian President Vladimir Putin made his first trip to Egypt in a decade, exploiting America's increasingly tenuous relationship with its long-time ally. In less than two weeks, Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Egypt and its new President, Adbel al-Sisi. America is on the cusp of losing Egypt.
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Senate Targets Obama ‘Ambush’ of Small Business

The Senate Health, Labor, Education and Pensions Committee will hear from two owners of small businesses, who will discuss a recent ruling by the NLRB's general counsel that could potentially block entrepreneurs from opening their own businesses.
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NLRB Goes Wild at Expense of Minority Business Owners

President Obama used his State of the Union Address to highlight a pivot to policies he claims will strengthen the middle class. As the last six years have instructed, President Obama's rhetoric has a tortuous relationship with reality. As a new campaign by the Job Creators Network called Defend Main Street highlights, recent action by his Administration threatens almost 1 million small businesses.
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McAuliffe Discloses Mystery Africa Accident

On Monday, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe was admitted to the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond for an emergency procedure to drain fluids from his chest. According to a statement from his office, the treatment was due to complications from a traumatic injury the governor suffered over Christmas in Africa.
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Obama Pushes Hundreds of Billions in Tax Hikes

In the build up to President Obama's State of the Union address, the White House has floated plans to raise hundreds of billions in new taxes. The plans have almost no chance of passing Congress but are designed to frame the upcoming debates and alter the landscape for the presidential election in 2016.

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