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Macy's Herald Square in midtown Manhattan November 20, 2015 in New York. Retail executives are having a lackluster outlook on holiday shopping with the warm weather that has depressed sales of cold-weather apparel; a drop in international tourists due to the strong dollar; and the preference of consumers to spend extra money from lower gas prices on other items, such as home improvement goods and cars. AFP PHOTO / TIMOTHY A. CLARY (Photo credit should read

GDP: Consumer Spending Falls, Inventories Build Up

Under the new estimate, the economy grew by 2.1 percent in the July-September period, slightly higher than the 1.5 percent growth originally reported. The increase, though, was driven by a build up in business inventories, suggesting potentially weaker growth to end the year.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at 'Politics And Eggs' at the Radisson Hotel, on November 11, 2015 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Coming off the fourth debate Trump continues to run strong in the polls.

Terrorism, Foreign Policy Reshape 2016 Race

In the 2016 presidential election, the Democrat Party’s fortunes, and those of frontrunner Hillary Clinton, are inexorably tied to President Obama’s handling of the growing crisis in the Middle East. The contest for the Republican nomination, meanwhile, is going through a major reshuffling that will likely winnow the currently crowded field.

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton speaks at the premier of the documentary film 'Makers: Once and For All' at the School of Visual Arts on November 19, 2015 in New York City. The film premeired at the DOC NYC film festival. (Photo by

Poll: Hillary Clinton Losing to Everybody

Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton loses outright against six possible Republican candidates. Clinton and a seventh possible GOP candidate, businesswoman Carly Fiorina, split the vote with 42 percent each. Clinton trails all other candidates, never receiving more than 43 percent of the vote in the survey,

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Politico Hires D.C. Flak to Defend Reporting Errors

It is not unheard of for news organizations to make mistakes in their reporting. It is unusual, though, for a news organization to hire a PR flack whose specialty is beating back unflattering stories or pushing attacks on his opposition. Most news organizations don’t aspire to need a staffer permanently assigned to defend its reporting. Politico apparently thinks it does.

Payday Loans AP

Feds Colluded with Progressive Interest Group

Officials with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau were in regular contact with progressive activists over proposed regulations targeting the payday lending industry, recently released emails reveal.

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Majority of Americans Feel Like ‘Stranger in Own Country’

On Friday, a SuperPAC tied to Ohio Governor John Kasich announced a new multi-million dollar effort to torpedo Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination. Trump’s continued dominance of national and state-level polling has vexed the GOP establishment and pushed it to near-panic as voting nears.

he dome of the US Capitol is seen March 19, 2014 in Washington, DC. As work continues on the dome restoration, the last chance for scaffold-free views of the Capitol is approaching, with the best opportunity within the next two weeks. AFP PHOTO/ Karen BLEIER (Photo credit should read)

GOP Congress Won’t Threaten Shutdown Over Syrian Refugee Issue

Congress is preparing legislation to add new security requirements for Syrian refugees seeking entry into the United States. The proposed legislation wouldn’t suspend, eliminate or substantively alter the program, but would require certain federal officials to personally verify that an individual refugee has been properly screened. Rest assured, Republicans in Congress are absolutely committed to reforming the refugee resettlement program. Just as long, mind you, as they don’t actually have to do it.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talks with attendees at a rally in front of the USS Wisconsin on October 31, 2015 in Norfolk, Virginia. . With just 93 days before the Iowa caucuses Republican hopefuls are trying to shore up support amongst the party. (Photo by

Donald Trump First to Submit Signatures for Virginia Primary Ballot

Trump’s steps to qualify for the ballot in Virginia suggest he has a robust political operation on the ground. Many political insiders continue to dismiss Trump’s candidacy on the assumption that it is built on his larger-than-life personality alone. Being the first candidate to navigate Virginia’s strict requirements, though, seems to indicate that Trump is building just such an organization. It is a concrete sign that Trump’s candidacy isn’t going away anytime soon.

: Republican presidential candidates U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ben Carson take part in the presidential debates at the Reagan Library on September 16, 2015 in Simi Valley, California. Fifteen Republican presidential candidates are participating in the second set of Republican presidential debates. (Photo by

Ignoring Polls, Insiders Predict Marco Rubio v. Ted Cruz Nomination Climax

With just two months until the first votes are cast for the Republican nomination, though, that match-up is still just a fantasy. For four months, the Republican nomination battle has been dominated by Donald Trump and, to a lesser extent, Ben Carson. Together, these two command the support of a majority of Republican voters. Rubio and Cruz, while gaining support in the past two weeks, still only have around 10 percent of support each nationally.


A Real ‘Phantom Menace’ Threatens Establishment Parties

The persistent strength of outsider candidates in the Republican nomination fight is due, in large part, to a feeling that the establishment party is out of touch with the public. The cavalier attitude of much of the Republican party to the problem of illegal immigration is no phantom menace. It rings hollow to large sections of the public who are living on the edge of economic anxiety.

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) speaks at the No Labels Problem Solver convention October 12, 2015 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Eight presidential candidates addressed the bipartisan event which included many undecided New Hampshire voters. (Photo by

Kelly Ayotte Faces Third Party Challenge Over Medicaid Expansion

New Hampshire GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte is facing a tough reelection fight next year, as Republicans battle to retain control of the U.S. Senate. Her path to reelection could become impossible, however, if the state’s Republican legislature goes through with a plan to reauthorize ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in the state.

Packages move along a conveyor belt at the U.S. Post Office sort center on December 18, 2014 in San Francisco, California. The U.S. Postal Service will process and mail over one billion cards, letters and packages during the 2014 holiday season. (Photo by )

Study: Millions of Packages Enter U.S. Without Screening

Millions of packages shipped into the country through national post offices aren’t being screened by U.S. Customs. Packages sent through private carriers, including FedEx and UPS, are screened, but the failure of the Postal Service and other international public-sector postal services to screen packages presents an unparalleled security risk at a time of heightened terrorist activity.

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Florida Poll: Trump, Carson Lead, Jeb Bush Drops to Fifth

Jeb Bush’s latest campaign reboot, “Jeb Can Fix It,” seeks to highlight his record as Governor of the Sunshine State. Unfortunately for Jeb, however, whatever accomplishments he had as Governor seem like ancient history. He left the Governor’s mansion almost a decade ago and was last on the ballot in Florida 13 years ago. With just a fifth place showing in this latest poll of Florida, it seems Jeb will have to spend considerable energy reminding the state’s own voters about his record as Governor.

U.S. President Barack Obama makes remarks at an Organizing for Action dinner on November 9, 2015 in Washington, DC. Organizing for Action is a community organizing project that supports the policies of President Obama. (Photo by

President Obama Under Water on Every Issue Except ‘Gay Rights’

Whether the economy, health care, environment or a host of issues, more voters disapprove of how Obama is handling issues than approve. The breadth of issues where President Obama is upside down with voters is unprecedented. The issues where voters disapprove of President Obama’s job performance are: Abortion, the War in Afghanistan, the budget deficit, the economy, education, the environment, foreign policy, gun control, health care, immigration, Medicare, Social Security, taxes and terrorism.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at 'Politics And Eggs' at the Radisson Hotel, on November 11, 2015 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Coming off the fourth debate Trump continues to run strong in the polls.

GOP Voters Back Donald Trump on Immigration

An Economist/YouGov survey finds Republican voters overwhelmingly prefer Donald Trump’s position on immigration to that of his rivals. Some 49 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents say Trump is the candidate best able to handle the issue of immigration. Republicans’ preference for Trump on the issue is so overwhelming one pauses to remember that he is running against a crowded field of competitors.

epublican presidential candidate Donald Trump (L) and Ben Carson (C) looks on as U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks during the Republican Presidential Debate sponsored by Fox Business and the Wall Street Journal at the Milwaukee Theatre on November 10, 2015 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The fourth Republican debate is held in two parts, one main debate for the top eight candidates, and another for four other candidates lower in the current polls. (Photo by )

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz Slam Amnesty While Jeb Bush and John Kasich Emote

One of the clear distinctions in the debate was on the issue of illegal immigration, where businessman Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz argued for strict border controls while establishment-backed candidates Jeb Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich appealed to emotion and politic. Perhaps the most interesting exchanges on illegal immigration were those that didn’t occur. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, whose Presidential campaign has been shadowed by his support of the Gang of Eight Senate amnesty bill, demurred from mentioning the issue.

Mayor of Houston Annise Parker speaks onstage during the Family Equality Council's 2015 Los Angeles Awards dinner at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 28, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.

Houston Mayor Picks Fight With Citizens

Houston voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot initiative aimed at instituting sweeping new “anti-discrimination” laws, primarily aimed at sexual orientation and gender identity. Setting aside whether or not the proposed new law had any merit, the reaction of supporters to the loss tells us a lot about the state of the left today.

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Crony Pot Initiative Burns Out in Ohio

The ballot measure, Issue 3, would have legalized recreational use of marijuana in the state and allowed the use of pot for medicinal reasons. The initiative had a unique, and ultimately fatal, feature, though. It awarded a monopoly on growing pot to just 10 farms in the state.