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Berkeley Cop Intimidates Reporter Over Story

Berkeley Cop Intimidates Reporter Over Story

In disturbing, yet not unexpected news, the police chief of Berkeley CA sent a uniformed police officer to a reporter’s home at 12:45 a.m. in order to have the reporter change the content of an online story he had written hours earlier.

Bachmann Responds to Migraine Story

Browsing Gateway Pundit today, I ran across Michele Bachmann’s response to the hit piece that accused the Minnesota Congresswoman of suffering from “stress-related” chronic migraine headaches that “incapacitate” her and which she combats with “heavy pill use.” I fully expected

Larry Flynt on Journalistic Integrity

Larry Flynt recently wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post lambasting Rupert Murdoch. In this piece, Flynt paints a stark contrast between his publishing practices and Murdoch’s regarding privacy: Murdoch “did not just cross the line – he erased it,”

Why Ron Paul Matters

In a recent Washington Post op-ed, Michael Gerson opines that Ron Paul’s statements in the South Carolina GOP debate amounts to a philosophy that … …is Social Darwinism. It is the arrogance of the strong. It is contempt for the

Is Journalism School Pointless?

From Columbia University’s Journalism School’s website, a statement of their purpose for training journalists: …finding out the truth of complicated situations, usually under a time constraint, and communicating it in a clear, engaging fashion to the public. Similar rhetoric from

Krugman: "Obama is Missing"

In his latest NY Times op-ed, Paul Krugman asks, “What have they done with President Obama?” Krugman longs for the day when President Obama was forceful and transformational, as if that rhetorical facade had any substance in the first place.

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