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Tea Party Economics: Distributism

Tea Party Babies! I want to talk economics with you. In the annals of the American Economy there was a golden age where we did not face a choice between Big Government and Big Business. Back before FDR, there was

Pssst. Super-Congress…Cut the Tea Party's Taxes

So we got ourselves a Super Congress…hopefully, Boehner will put himself, Paul Ryan, and Joe Walsh on it. I want the imperfect Tea Party freshman who allegedly owes child support to have a voice. They are all likely imperfect; I

Mr. Speaker, Take the Bad Guy Hostage

I’ll keep this short. No one understands “what” is going to be cut. Saying discretionary spending is going to be cut over ten years sounds like a Nigerian email scam. So please Boehner, for the love of god, listen to

'States' Rights' is the Free Market Version of Democracy

[youtube KfJBRFhinqE] Mitt’s not my first choice. If Perry (c’mon Governor!) doesn’t run, I prefer(ed) Daniels and Christie because they are heroic public employee union slayers. And I love Drew’s dream Tea Party ticket of Cain and West to confront

Dick Armey! Invite Obama to a Tea Party…

President Obama made a giant error in letting “never had a real job” Timmie Giethner and “heck of a job” Larry Summers slither around his administration’s neck in 2008. Lucky us. We must not make the same mistake. We need

Foreclosure Fraud Can Save US Economy

The contractual mortgage screw-up by the banks gives us a great way to speed up the recovery and reclaim what was lost in the the Great Bank Heist of 2008. If you haven’t been paying attention to the MERS violations,

GOV2.0: Answer Obama Directly

The challenge for the Tea Party movement is to identify specifically: What would you do?” the president said. “It’s not enough to say ‘get control of spending.’ I think it’s important for you to say, ‘I’m willing to cut veterans’

Jan 2011 Agenda: Progressive Corporate Taxes

Democrats have been protesting that only 3% of small businesses are affected by the Bush tax cuts… this is technically true, it is also true that almost all the small businesses that create jobs are part of this 3%. The

Unemployed? Blame Public Employees

I have a hypothesis about the “New Normal” economy we face. Most, if not all, of the unemployment crisis can be blamed on Public Employees. A bold statement to some…. but on paper it looks suspiciously valid. Essentially, upper and

GOV2.0: Defining the Mandate

A good looking, fun loving guy sits down and writes a few blog posts about how to ensure the Republican Party wins both houses in a 2010 landslide, and beat Obama’s ass in 2012… he figures his job is done.

GOV2.0: Personality Tests for Public Employees

A recent blog post by economist Scott Sumner got me thinking about another way we could quickly improve our government. We should require Public Employees to take personality exams before they are hired. At issue is human “spite” and how

GOV2.0: Witold Skwierczynski Must Die

Many fine Republicans argue we should privatize Social Security. Just like George Bush – they are right. They are noble. They are dust. The last time we mentioned it, we found our ass booted around our neck. An obscene daisy.

GOV2.0: Napsterize Education

In my last article, we began a discussion of GOV2.0. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll sketch some sexy details. Commenters, keep tossing out your ideas. Tea Partiers! Here’s how to save every state budget. Let’s hoist our pirate flag

The New GOP Agenda: GOV2.0

Right off the bat, hear my barbaric yawp: “Less Government!” I want to strip the bark off and tenderize the tough meat of Uncle Sam until he heels without so much as a cross look from likely voters. I want

I'm Still Digging Michael Steele

I just made a donation in Michelle Malkin’s honor to the GOP. Let me say right up front, I’m not a religious guy. I support Republicans because they are the party of Small Business, they are the party of Liberty.

Which Democrats Get Free Passes?

Starting today, the RNC should offer Free Passes to targeted Congressional Democrats who will agree to vote NO on health care. The Free Pass should include: A guarantee no national money will be used against the Democrat in the general

The Key Health Care Question for Obama

As Republicans are preparing for the Press Event with Obama on Thursday, I’d like to see a specific point be made with regard to costs. Something like this: “Mr. President, our plan removes the barriers to Interstate Insurance sales, so

Hacking the Minimum Wage

In a recent post, I posited unemployment insurance should be reformed to offset the minimum wage for new small businesses hires. Please continue in comments to help me brainstorm. This is a “free stimulus,” because it uses current unemployment payments

We Ought to Join the EU

The Greek Comedy that is playing out in Europe shows the tremendous impact one man can have on the world in his lifetime. The fellow we owe an attaboy and backslap is Nobel Prize winner Robert Mundell, who I’d argue

Keep the Cheap Jobs Here

Arianna once again has her panties in a bunch, and I’m the libertarian brave enough to reach in and fix them. Yes, it’ll drive Huffington into spastic frenzy. But, this is not a reason to subsidize the minimum wage. David

Think Progress: 'Let's Not Pay Back China'

If there’s anything that should convince China to become more capitalist, and put less faith in socialism, it is American progressives. Yesterday Matthew Yglesias’ head shook violently and he barked out like Paul Krugman with Tourette’s : …you could start

Public Healthcare = Reality Televison

The ugly truth about the health care debate can be summed up by the nightmare created by reality television: non-union actors (who we call “scabs” during strikes) are threatening the long standing system by jumping into the pool without regard

The Janeane Garofalo Tax Credit

Janeane does it for me. I’ll admit it. She’s spunky but malleable, and I like malleable spunky… so I’m going to tax her less. Let me be frank, the Hollywood is liberal vibe is a shallow truism. It is shallow