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New Must Read Thriller: St. Peter's Bones

One of the things I love about blogging is the abundance of authors and their books we get to see. Whether it’s Brad Thor putting up one, Ollie North getting a new tome’ out, or some of the others, we

Veterans Demand an Apology from Arizona Rep. Linda Lopez!

Today has been a HORRIBLE day. We’ve seen an obviously unstable and deranged individual, Jared Loughner, shoot and kill innocents; we’ve seen a US Congresswoman declared dead, then not-dead, and we vets have been accused of being the shooter by

The Best Books for Christmas

Here is a review of some GREAT books I’ve had this year, and for some ideas on what to add to your Christmas list, as it’s getting to be that time of year again- when Christmas lists are being gathered

Taking the House Back- What Will it Mean to DoD?

This has been a long night- and with the GOP taking the House, yet the Dems keeping the Senate, there is going to be a great deal of ‘negotiating’ having to be done over what will the new DoD look

Early Returns in Colorado.. as of 7:30pm Mountain

Polls have closed in CO and returns are trickling in…. So far, it APPEARS that Dem stronghold of Boulder and/or Denver city/county is being reported, as the results seem very heavy toward the Dems – far beyond even the most

My Selections and Predictions for the Colorado Races

Sort of an update to what I had posted previously on the contests in Colorado- I’m adding who I BELIEVE is going to win across the state: Governor- Tancredo Senate- Buck CD1- Degette CD2- Polis CD3- Salazar CD4- Gardner CD5-

Election Night Colorado

The elections going on Tuesday night are going to be very interesting in Colorado for a multitude of reasons. In 2008, CO broke ‘blue’, rather than the ‘purple’ it had been for several previous elections. The Front Range area of

When Bill Clinton Lost His 'Biscuit'

Last night, while watching ABC News (ok, I get it- but, given the other choices to watch, this was the least offensive) Dianne Sawyer introduced a report where Bill Clinton supposedly lost the ‘biscuit‘; that is, the unlock codes for

Burn Those VFW Membership Cards

Duty. Honor. Country. Apparently, the VFW no longer abides by the very virtues our veterans lived and died by. Last week, I wrote a piece on on the VFW-PAC and their selections across the country for endorsing candidates in