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Nate Church

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A report in the journal Science describes how the DeepStack machine bested nearly a dozen poker players, who were asked to play a 3,000-hand match over a period of four weeks

A.I. Takes $290,000 Prize In Poker Tournament

Over the course of a five-day competition, the “Lengpudashi” artificial intelligence managed to rake in more than a quarter-million dollars in poker chips from a crack team designed specifically to defeat it.

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Bringing Arcades Back, One Bar at a Time

“Barcades” like Button Mash in Los Angeles, California, are returning 80’s and 90’s kids to the bleep-blooping domains from whence they came — with the addition of trendy craft beers to sweeten the deal.


‘For Honor’ Players Plan Boycott of Game

In response to a lack of communication from both the publisher and developer about For Honor’s most pressing issues, members of the game’s community are planning a boycott of the game on April 3, 2017.