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Campaign Tactic: Tax the Rich

Campaign Tactic: Tax the Rich

The Obama tax-the-rich campaign strategy is simply a grand diversion from the nation’s badly sputtering economy and from Obama’s failure to effectively do much about it. It is also an exercise in sophism designed to draw attention away from his

The Economy: The Bright and the Blight

The Economy: The Bright and the Blight

We Americans like to think of the economy as a single organic reality: as a big picture that is immediately discernible on its surface, something that is simply good, or not so good, something that produces a sense of well-being, or something

Obama Really Is Just Another Politician

With the GOP debates mercifully coming to an end, the nation is getting ready for the 2012 elections starting with the Iowa caucuses in January. At this point, President Obama appears likely to face Mitt Romney (seemingly no one’s first

European Model Imploding?-Hold On To Your Hats

There are two things we know for sure about the European financial meltdown: Its cause and its potential ramifications for America. No one should lull themselves into thinking we are mere spectators to those European economies that are collapsing of

The Left's 'Terrorism' Tantrum

Yes, we understand that politics is a blood sport and that name-calling has become the common coin of the political realm. But this past week, following the passage of the bill to raise the debt ceiling, and before the nation’s