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Mexican Radio Journo Killed 2

Fourth Mexican Journalist Murdered in 2018

A team of gunmen shot and killed a Mexican journalist outside of his home in the southern Mexican state of Tabasco. The murder is being considered a targeted assassination by investigators.

Arrested Mexican Official

Former State Official Wanted by U.S. Feds Arrested in Mexican Border City

Mexican law enforcement agents arrested a former top official with the Tamaulipas government in the border city of Matamoros on state embezzlement charges. That official is also a fugitive in Texas where he faces multiple charges including money laundering and bank fraud.

Pemex truck

EXCLUSIVA — Cartel Del Golfo Amordaza a Prensa Fronteriza Sobre el Robo de Combustible a Gran Escala

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas – Los medios de comunicación locales en la ciudad fronteriza de Matamoros, Tamaulipas, han sido completamente silenciados por el Cartel del Golfo cuando se trata de asuntos relacionados con las actividades de las organizaciones delictivas, particularmente el robo de combustible. A pesar de un fuerte ataque y otros eventos de alto perfil, los medios de noticias en Matamoros han tenido que guardar silencio para evitar represalias y ataques por parte del cartel.

Pemex truck

EXCLUSIVE — Mexican Cartel Silences Border City Media over Fuel Theft Operations

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — Local news outlets in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, are completely silenced by the Gulf Cartel with respect to reporting on the criminal organization’s activities, particularly the theft of fuel. Despite a series of high-profile events and murders, journalists remain silent to avoid violent reprisals.

Laredo Guns Main

Cartel Mexicano Tenia Lanzacohetes, Dinamita y Granadas en Ciudad Fronteriza

Una serie de redadas por parte de las fuerzas militares mexicanas en el centro de la ciudad de Nuevo Laredo descubrió una fuerte cantidad de armas de uso militar incluyendo lanzacohetes, granadas, dinamita, ametralladoras, rifles y varios uniformes y chalecos clonados para parecer que eran de la infantería mexicana clonados.

Cartel Jalisco New Generation

Three Mexican Film Students Were Murdered and Dissolved in Acid

Outrage and disbelief is spreading throughout Mexico after authorities in Jalisco announced that three film students reported missing were killed and dissolved in acid. The suspects are members of Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG).

Tamaulipas Governor Video

WATCH: Former Mexican Cartel-Linked Governor Claimed He Would Secure Border State

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — A former governor for the border state of Tamaulipas is currently facing close to a dozen charges in a U.S. court accusing him of drug trafficking, money laundering, and racketeering. Prosecutors claim the Mexican politician worked with the Gulf, Los Zetas, and Beltran Leyva Cartels.

Cartel Linked Governor 4

U.S. Judge Denies Bond for Former Cartel-Linked Mexican Governor

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — A U.S. judge ordered that a cartel-linked former Mexican governor will remain behind bars until his trial, where he faces close to a dozen charges tied to drug trafficking, money laundering, and racketeering. He also faces the forfeiture of $132 million in cash, an airplane, and various properties. The former Mexican politician asked for a court-appointed attorney–claiming he did not know if he had any money.

Cartel Linked Governor

PHOTOS: Fugitive Cartel-Linked Mexican Governor Enjoyed Life of Luxury

A former governor of Tamaulipas, Mexico, is finally expected to appear in a U.S. federal court after spending close to five years on the run from U.S. federal authorities. The cartel-connected governor will face a U.S. federal judge for his initial hearing in connection with 11 charges including drug trafficking and money laundering.

La Familia Boss El Minsa

Founding La Familia Cartel Commander Sentenced to Prison in Texas

One of the founding commanders of La Familia Michoacana Cartel was sentenced to 43 years in prison for his role in helping the criminal organization move large quantities of methamphetamine from Mexico to several major U.S. cities. The cartel used Dallas as one of their main hubs for distributing products and coordinating the movement of cash back to Mexico.


Feds Label Music Promoter, Fashion Photographer as Mexican Cartel-Tied Kingpins

A top Mexican narco-music producer and a Venezuelan photographer were singled out by the U.S. Department of Treasury as having helped drug cartels. The producer is accused of helping a cartel launder money, while the photographer is alleged to have run an international prostitution ring.


Mexican Government: Migrant Caravan was Previously Unimpeded Yearly Event

The Mexican government revealed that the caravan of more than 1,500 families from Central America making their way north is part of an annual event occurring over the past seven years without prior interference. Mexico City asserts it is not promoting the irregular migration and is considering how to detain some while granting asylum to others who qualify.

A son of Mexican journalist Carlos Dominguez Rodriguez - murdered on January 13 - mourns over his coffin during the funeral; Mexico is convulsing from a wave of violence linked to drug trafficking that has left almost 200,000 dead since December 2006

Three Reporters, Mexican Border Politician’s Relative Arrested for Columnist’s Murder

Mexican authorities arrested three reporters, the close relative of a politician, and two hitmen in connection with the January murder of a border city columnist known for his strong criticism of public officials. Authorities revealed that the homicide is likely tied to his journalism and it is believed that the hit was politically driven.

moises sanchez

Two Mexican Cops Sentenced for Beheading Journalist on Mayor’s Order

Two Mexican police officers from Veracruz were sentenced for their roles in the kidnapping and beheading of journalist Moises Sanchez. The mayor of Medellin, the alleged mastermind of the murder, remains at large while the municipal public safety director who reportedly ordered the officers to act was released.

Michoacan Governor

VIDEO: Capo de Narcotráfico Afirma Que Un Gobernador Mexicano le Dio Dinero Por Votos

Uno de los principales líderes de un cártel de México ha hecho pública la afirmación de que el gobernador del estado de Michoacán le pagó grandes sumas de dinero para conseguir que fuera elegido y que recientemente le ofreció dinero para lograr la paz en el estado. El líder del cártel afirma que dado que rechazó la última oferta y sabe demasiado, se ha convertido en un objetivo.

Michoacan Governor

WATCH: Cartel Boss Claims Mexican Governor Gave Him Money for Votes

One of Mexico’s top cartel leaders made the public claim that the sitting governor of Michoacan paid him a large sum of money for votes and recently offered more cash for peace. The cartel leader claims that since he turned down the second offer, he is now a target for execution.