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Hollywood to Nashville & Gulf: Drop Dead!

So what gives? Are these areas just not glamorous enough? Do celebs not want to further highlight The One’s pathetic response? Celebrities love causes. They love them for a couple of reasons: one, it makes them seem like “serious” people

My Top 10 Least Anticipated Movies for 2010

The year has barely begun and there are plenty of movies in the can awaiting their big screen release. Looking at the list, I can only admit to being stoked about two: Iron Man 2 and Harry Potter and the

What Was Missing from the SOTU Address

Wednesday nights, I usually watch “Ghost Hunters” on the SyFy Channel. Yes, I am one of those geeks. But this week, I set the DVR so that I could watch President Obama give the annual State of the Union address

ONE YEAR GONE: Hope and Change – Miss Bush Yet?

One of the things I think most about is national security. Oh sure, my posts here at Big Hollywood are usually snarky takes on the idiocy we witness daily from clueless Hollywoodites like James Cameron, but national security issues feature

Scott Brown Win 'Stunning'? Only to Out-of-Touch Media

Headlines like the ones below tell the story: “Democrats point fingers after stunning loss” “GOP Win in Mass. Puts Dems on Offensive – Scott Brown’s Surprise Senate Victory Has Democrats Scrambling to Regain Footing” “GOP Senate Victory Stuns Democrats” “In

For Obama and the Media, Is the Honeymoon Finally Over?

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs faced pointed questions from two reporters during a briefing on Wednesday regarding President Obama’s about-face on transparency in the health care bill debate. A sampling: Reporter: During the campaign, the president on numerous occasions

Beyoncé Knowles: Useful Idiot

Stalin reportedly referred to blind defenders and apologists for the former Soviet Union in democratic Western countries as “useful idiots.” Since Stalin’s day, the list has grown to include either those who defend or apologize for radical Islamic regimes or

REVIEW: 'The Blind Side' is a Winner

By now I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of other reviews about “The Blind Side,” currently in theaters, including this one by BH’s own Cam Cannon. I hope you can stand to read one more. I saw “The Blind Side” last

A Clue for Megan Fox: Trashing Your Audience is a Bad Idea

Someone call the waaahmbulance: Megan Fox’s starring turn in the movie “Jennifer’s Body” didn’t do as well as she’d hoped and she’s looking for a scapegoat. Naturally, she turns to the unwashed masses in Middle America: The actress tells The

Natalie Portman: Meat's a Sin, Free Polanski

Natalie Portman is a vegetarian – a vegan, to be precise – and she thinks you should be one too. At least, that’s the impression I get from her article at the Huffington Post. In fact, she really goes so

Dear Harvey: Please Get Over Yourself

Americans are debating whether Roman Polanski should be brought back to America to serve the sentence he skipped out on over 30 years ago for having sex (well, raping her, but he pleaded to the lesser charge of unlawful sex

Hollywood Backing Perv Polanski Shouldn't Surprise Anyone

There has been much indignation – and rightfully so – from various parties over the fact that Hollywood is “circling the wagons” around Roman Polanski, who was finally arrested in Switzerland after being a fugitive from justice for over 30