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The Tea Party is Dead. Long Live the Tea Party.

The Tea Party movement, which was so heralded in 2009 and 2010 and played a large role in motivating voters and candidates to move to the right, is dead. It’s chief accomplishment was to elect enough Republicans to the US

Kansas Liquor Laws Need Modernization

Jim Puff is a Kansas entrepreneur. He has been in the grocery store business for 43 years, and owns a convenience store, a cafe, a catering company and a grocery store in Alma, Kansas. Unfortunately, in order to invest in

This Week's Elections: Tea Party Post Mortem

Doug Hoffman lost his race in the 23rd Congressional District of New York, a seat held by Republicans for the past 120 years. John McHugh held the seat since 1992 and won with such large margins (he was even unopposed

Tea Party Dilemma: Honey, I Shrunk the Party

A national coalition of Tea Party activists called Thursday for rallies in several states to announce their dissatisfaction with the Grand Old Party. In an October 22 press release they state: We are extremely disappointed that the Republican Party (and

Making Political Candidates of Tea Party Patriots

A previous post, Turning Tea Party Patriots into Political Petitioners, examined opportunities for new activists to affect change in their home states. A natural next step is to discuss other options for getting involved. It remains to be seen if

AMA Endorses Largest Denier of Health Care Claims

What appears to be the official blog of President Obama’s administration is all aflutter because the President will welcome, “doctors from across the United States to the White House to share their unique perspective on the struggles that American families