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Penny Nance

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Is The Fight Against ISIS a Just War?

Saint Augustine’s “Just War Theory” has served as a measurement for the Christian church for centuries and remains relevant today. Make no mistake; we are already at war against radical Islamists who wish to subjugate us and force our conversion to their religion and rule.

Calling All Christians: Be A Doer, Not A Bystander

Here is my nagging question: If I were alive during the Holocaust, who would I have been? Would I be the Christian who hid my Jewish neighbor in my home, risking a concentration camp for my own children, or the “bystander” who turned away, unwilling to help or even care? One can never know the answer in retrospect, but one can determine today’s actions.

The Bitter Irony of the Day of Silence

There is an effort to combat the Day of Silence called the “‘Day of Silence’ Walk Out” where parents are encouraged to keep their children home. Most parents don’t know about it, so we must spread the word. Only by staying involved will we be able to combat these efforts and train our kids to navigate the turbulent waters of today’s increasingly secularized, hostile culture.

‘War On Women’? A Meme In Search of Victims

War on women? Hardly. Women are earning the majority of undergraduate and graduate, law, and medical degrees. Women own a third of small businesses, and the numbers of women-owned businesses of any size are growing at one and a half times the rates of those owned by men. At every level of the economic ladder, women earn 50 percent more than women a generation ago.