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Gold Standard More Popular than Federal Reserve For Good Reason

At the Jackson Hole Economic Summit the American Principles Project demonstrated that the people can’t be fooled in the long term by monetary magic forever. In a national poll by McLaughlin & McLaughlin 1,000 respondents were asked if they would support the Gold Standard in the United States. 39% replied yes, 15% replied no, and 46% were undecided. That is more than a 2:1 ratio for favorability.

These results and the margin between approve and disapprove are better than recent polls on the Federal Reserve or its recent leaders as shown in recent Gallup polls over the last two years: Negative on the Fed and its leaders are very high, while negatives on Gold are very low.

Jackson Hole Fed Summit: A Failing Long Term Fed Report Card

From its founding until the beginning of the 20th century, the United States went from a non-economy to being the world’s largest and wealthiest economy. It achieved this feat on the gold standard mostly, with no central bank, (except for 36 years), and with little or no central planning.

Jackson Hole: Fed Dithers But Left & Right Agree on Improving Economy

Jackson Hole — This town in Wyoming just hosted three economic events: The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s annual Jackson Hole retreat and two others to respond to the Fed’s mismanagement the economy: the Fed Up group, demonstrating against increasing interest rates, and the American Principles Project (APP).


Clinton’s IT Email Contractor: The Unraveling Continues

We now learn that since mid-2013 Hillary has had her email system managed by Platte River Networks. Strangely, while the Clintons live in Chappaqua, New York where their personal email server was run from their basement with convenient Secret Service guard service providing physical security, the IT services firm used for operating and maintaining their email server and system was located in Denver, operating only in Colorado, except, we presume, for Chappaqua.


McKim: Is Illegal Immigration Behind Soaring U.S. Murder Rate?

Just after reporting how murders in next door Mexico have soared and are higher than the combined war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq, we learn, much to the surprise of law enforcement officials, that murders in US big cities are soaring as well. Could illegal immigration be the cause?

McKim: Importing Mexico’s Killing Fields

Looking at these statistics, Kate Steinle is an indication of many more murders to come until sanctuary cities are stopped, border control is instituted, immigration controlled, and malefactors of ANY crime returned to their home country or put in prison.

McKim: Trump the Populist vs McCain And The Status Quo

It is ironic that while McCain and Trump appear to be very different, they are in fact very similar. Both enjoy playing the maverick, when in fact they really aren’t nearly as much so: Trump plays the part in business while he hedges his bets by paying protection to the Clinton Global Initiative racket. McCain calls himself a “maverick” when it suits him. He ran the “straight-talk express,” but was it? Both act out often and are erratic. This criticism is used now against Trump and was used against McCain with his finger on the “button” in the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Brian Williams Wanted to Be Bigger Than the Stories He Was Reporting

The flaw of Brian Williams, and of most of the press that “gets ahead” in their profession, is that they see gut wrenching, often heroic, activity, and they want to be heroes going through sacrifices in the story as well, but without actually getting involved. But by attempting this action, they alter the real story.