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Hitting the Debt Ceiling is a Warning

On May 16, 2011, the United States reached the current debt ceiling, $14.3 trillion. In essence, that number represents our national credit limit – the United States government is unable to borrow any more money unless Congress increases the debt

U.S. Military: International Abortion Provider?

Should military hospitals be used to save lives or to kill unborn babies? The U.S. Senate may soon take action to overturn long-standing policy by sanctioning the performance of abortions in domestic and overseas military facilities-effectively turning military hospitals and

Putting al-Qaeda Ahead of the CIA?

Remember when you couldn’t turn on nightly newscasts without hearing something about CIA employee Valerie Plame being “outed” by the Bush Administration? Democrat House Chairman held hearings. Grand juries were impaneled. A special prosecutor was appointed and the media pursued