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Putting Fish Before People

Putting Fish Before People

Today on the House floor the release by the Bureau of Reclamation of more than 70,000 acre feet of water from dams on the American and Stanislaus rivers in Northern California was highlighted by Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA). The water

California Water: It's the Storage

California Water: It's the Storage

President Obama visited the drought-stricken Central Valley of California in February to announce his solution: another billion dollars to study “climate change.” Here’s a bulletin for those who missed the Holocene Epoch: the planet has been warming–on and off–since the

Obama SOTU: We've Heard this Song Before

After President Clinton took a drubbing from voters in the 1994 Congressional election, he realized his policies weren’t working. He promptly declared, “The era of big government is over,” and he then went about making good on that declaration: •

Putting Freedom Back to Work

Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA) made the following statement to the House Chamber on October 26, 2011: [youtube XUdCFRim7Lk] Mr. Speaker: The government’s continuing failure to address our nation’s gut-wrenching unemployment stems from a fundamental disagreement over how jobs are created

A Response to Mexican President Calderon

Representative Tom McClintock (R – California) delivered the following remarks on the House floor in response to the address to Congress by President Calderon of Mexico. Excerpt: “I rise to take strong exception to the speech of the President of