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John Bolton: America's Next Secretary of State?

John Bolton: America's Next Secretary of State?

“Radical Islam is a severe threat against America that is growing and the White House doesn’t seem to recognize or understand it because it doesn’t fit with their narrative of the Arab Spring. It is for either ideological reasons or
Tea Party 2012: Win. Tea Party 2014: Go Home?

Tea Party 2012: Win. Tea Party 2014: Go Home?

The Tea Party movement is looking as vibrant and influential as ever with the recent naming of Paul Ryan to the GOP presidential ticket, and the Tea Party inspired Ted Cruz victory in Texas. So how exactly did the movement

My Generous Open Letter Offer To Mr. Bill Press

Liberal talk show host Bill Press recently said he sees no difference between the allegations against Herman Cain and that of a child-sex abusing ex-Penn State coach stating, “What’s the difference, really? There’s no difference. I mean, okay, we have

John Bolton Positioning Himself For V.P.?

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton has the look and sound of someone about to announce his candidacy for U.S. President, dogging Barack Obama at every possible media opportunity. Or perhaps- given it is this late in the process and there

First-Ever Twitter Presidential Debate Announced

An historic first-ever Presidential debate on twitter will take place on Wednesday July 20th 3pm-4:30pm EDT (noon-1:30PDT) with all major candidates expected to participate except one. The debate is being organized by a group called TheTEAParty.net and will be moderated

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