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South Texas Town’s Water Is as Dirty as Its Politics

The problems of the scandal-ridden town of Crystal City, Texas, were magnified on Wednesday and Thursday as the tap water was running black, brown, muddy, dirty and rusty. The mayor and all but one city council member are currently facing federal corruption charges.

Service to Cuba

Two Texas Airlines Competing for Service to Cuba

An agreement will be signed in Havana on Tuesday opening Cuban airport gates to more than 100 flights a day from the United States. The flights of scheduled airline service will begin sometime later this year. Two Texas-based Carriers, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, are in the mix to compete for those slots.

Local AZ TV Reporter Finds Mexican Cartel Scouts Over 100 Miles from Border

A Phoenix TV station is reporting they have discovered mountain top observation posts about 40 miles south of the city where lookouts for the drug cartels observe law enforcement operations, so as to provide a clear path for smugglers coming north from Mexico. The location appears to be more than 100 miles north of the Arizona/Mexico border

South Texas Town’s City Hall Shut Down by FBI

A multi-agency law enforcement task force raided and shut down the city hall building of the town of Crystal City, Texas, on Thursday. Five city officials and a Texas businessman were arrested on corruption charges.


One Week Brings $350,000 in Drug Busts for Small Texas Border City

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized $350,000 in cocaine and marijuana during the final week of January in Brownsville, Texas. The nations “front-line” security screen thousands of cars every day, but found four in five days that were loaded with illegal drugs.

BUSTED: Prostitution in Strip Clubs Across Texas

Both Dallas and Houston are known across the country for the number and variety of “Gentleman’s Clubs” or strip joints to be found in and around those cities. The Texas Alcoholic beverage Commission (TABC) keeps tabs of which liquor licensees run afoul of prostitution laws, and a records search reveals that 19 clubs across the state have been fined, or their licenses suspended in the last three years.

Blue Bell Headquarters Brenham

Workers Report Big Problems With Blue Bell Ice Cream Production

Millions of Texans who have missed the “National Ice Cream of Texas” were standing in line at the store when it was returned to the freezer in the last couple of weeks. While Texas-based Blue Bell Ice Cream returns to grocery stores across their 27 state distribution area over the next few months, the Houston Chronicle’s Mark Collette has been finding out why they company shut down and recalled their entire product line this spring.


Alamo Attacked: Vandal Carved His Name on Sacred Chapel

A vandal who carved his name on a sacred Texas shrine was arrested in San Antonio and charged for vandalizing The Alamo. Since ancient times, travelers and soldiers have left their marks around the world. The graffiti stretches back to the Roman Empire with the centurion equivalent of “Kilroy Was Here”.

The Alamo Enters a New Era: ‘Preserve, Repair and Improve’

A major plant to repair and restore the Alamo was announced by Land Commissioner George P. Bush San Antonio on Wednesday. Before the end of the year, visitors will see work being done through the entire complex, with a planned 31.5 million dollars being spent over the next few years as the historic mission moves into its 4th century.