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Stand Up, Mitt: Show Us Your Spine

Stand Up, Mitt: Show Us Your Spine

Stand up, Mitt. Show your spine. Show your mind. What the president has done in declaring an amnesty is wrong. It’s unconstitutional. It’s nakedly political. Call him out – clearly, strongly, decisively. Don’t let us down here. George Washington defied

Divided We Celebrate

It’s “pursuit of happiness”- not “right of happiness” – in the famous Declaration of Independence quote. That’s why to me today’s July 4th celebration takes on significance beyond the obvious. A growing number of Americans now think happiness – or

Why No Feminist Praise for 'Atlas Shrugged'?

It’s hard to make a rich man sympathetic as he battles the forces of evil from the marbled halls of palatial mansions. But the screen adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged does it. At the apparent climax of the movie,

Stay Out of Libya

It’s a complicated situation. Gaddafi is part of the Islamic extremism that targets the U.S. – but largely at his whim. He probably ordered the bombing of Pan Am flight 103, killing over 250, including Americans. Reagan immediately bombed his

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