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Severe Sanctions on Iran: Too Little, Too Late?

Iran has been working on its nuclear weapons program for years. The west has been trying to convince Iran to back off its nuclear intentions for years. Through diplomatic efforts and through increasingly severe sanctions, the west has been trying

Egypt's Troubled Road From Revolution To Chaos

It’s been 8 months since Arab Spring revolution swept Egypt and led to the end of Mubarak’s regime. The uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak in February has hammered the economy and sparked a wave of sectarian and other violence that

Tunisia Vote A Test To Arab Spring Revolutions

Tunisia is where the Arab Spring revolt began. It is also the first country to go through elections post its Arab Spring revolution. And who is about to win a land slide victory in this election? The Islamist party of

Hamas Sides With Bin Laden – Is This A Partner For Peace?

On the background of the reconciliation agreement with Fatah, Hamas showed the world its true colors once again. While the free world applauds the successful operation which finally put down the world’s number 1 terrorist, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh

UN's Human Rights Council Lacks Moral Authority

For years those that support Israel have felt that the UN’s treatment of Israel is unjustified. Israeli leaders have complained again and again that the UN is biased against the Jewish state, that it judges almost every action of Israel

Palestinian Incitement Stalling the Peace Process

A recent survey showed 1/3 of Palestinians support the attack in Itamar in March, in which an Israeli family of five was murdered while sleeping. The fact that such hateful act is supported by 1/3 of the people is a

Revolution and Antisemitism in the Arab World

It seems that where ever you look in the Arab world you see a revolution these days. The Middle East is changing in front of our eyes. History is in the making. Often in times of change antisemitism raises its

Boycott Israel? Actually, It's Against the Law

For all the noise the Boycott Disinvestment Sanctions (BDS) movement is making lately it seems they are (intentionally?) forgetting to mention a tiny fact – it is illegal for US firms to boycott Israel and you could face up to

Why is Amnesty International Going Soft and Easy on Iran?

Amnesty International, an organization lauded for promoting human rights worldwide, has a strong and consistent track record of calling for UN arms embargoes on governments that violate human rights abuse. As protector of human rights, Amnesty understand the merits of

'Israel Is Facing One Main Enemy-Iran'

In the Middle East, the threat map is always changing. invited Dr. Efraim Sneh, former Deputy Defense Minister, to talk about the current threats Israel faces. We met Dr. Sneh a few days before the riots in Egypt erupted.

European Appeasement 1938 vs. 2011

On the streets of Tehran brave people are fighting for their freedom. Despite the rain, despite the tear gas, despite a stultifying security presence of police forces arresting protesters – the Iranians are not giving up. World powers should support

Is There Hope For The People in Gaza?

Freedom is a addictive – once you taste it you just want more. It seems that in the last few weeks citizens of the Arab world are having their first taste of freedom. It began in Tunisia where violent protests

Will Egypt Follow the Path of Iran, and Gaza?

Every beginning has an end. As I witness the millions protesting in Egypt over the last 2 weeks this saying keeps resonating in my head. Where does this revolution leads Egypt and what will be the domino effect on its