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Should Union Halls Be Polling Places?

Public employee unions and teachers unions have spent more than $1 billion during the last decade trying to influence California public officials and voters. Should locations like fire fighters union halls and teachers associations buildings be banned from being polling

Unions Protesting Churches in California

Unions have stepped to a new low by protesting churches in California. Protesting churches because of their use of private contractors instead of union labor. Churches who only employ one or two pastors and one head administrator and operate off

Eyewitness: Scott Brown's Victory Party

I want to start off by saying congratulations to Massachusetts new U.S. Senator Scott Brown. Secondly, as I stated at the beginning of the campaign trail. Either way this election went, it was going to be an historic one. Coakley

Scott Brown Campaign Update–Election Day

Yesterday, I introduced myself and told my story about a half-dozen Californians who decided, at the last minute, to travel to Massachusetts to campaign for Scott Brown. Below is video from today’s activity on the Brown Campaign.

Eyewitness to Scott Brown's Historic Campaign

When I heard that Brown had been within reaching distance of Coakley, and that Brown would be the 41st vote to stop Obamacare. I got together with a good friend of mine and said “We need to be there.” Knowing