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Capozzola: Obama Issues Last-Minute Rule, Wants to Finish Off U.S. Coal Industry

The Interior Department’s Office of Surface Mining (OSM) is out with a broad new “stream rule” that could potentially designate as much as two-thirds of U.S. coal reserves off-limits to mining. In fact, a study of the rule suggests that at least one-third of America’s remaining coal jobs could be put at risk due to the restrictive nature of the rule.

Obama Administration Announces Handout to Coal Communities as Election Looms

With the plight of coal communities suddenly factoring in a tight election, however, the Obama Administration made a curious announcement: it will ring up “nearly $28 million in investments to grow the economy in the nation’s coal-impacted communities.” The new package is intended to complement a previous $38.8 million package for coal communities announced in August.

In Defense of Gas and Coal for the Developing World

Part of what makes First World living so easy by comparison to the Third World is ready access to electricity. Food is refrigerated, houses are heated. Faucets deliver clean, treated water. Waste and sewage disappear through underground plumbing.

Climate Alarmists Gain Stature by Demonizing Opponents

The presumption seems to be that as long as one actively embraces and promotes the theory of man-made global warming, that person is absolved of guilt in the matter. Such people have shown themselves to be loyal to the climate cause. They can rest easy because they’re involved, they’re doing something.

Is it Hypocrisy or Ignorance that Drives Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse?

Sheldon Whitehouse’s Rhode Island constituents are currently benefiting from these same fossil fuels. In recent Facebook posts, Whitehouse has been quick to celebrate the shipping, construction, and manufacturing projects that are now bringing good-paying jobs to Rhode Island. It appears, however, that Whitehouse either doesn’t recognize, or willfully disregards, the obvious linkage between fossil fuels and these industrial achievements.

Overheating: NYC Imposes $200 Fine for Stores With Open Doors

The City’s Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Commissioner Julie Menin explained that many businesses open their doors during the summer to “lure customers inside with cool air.” Benin says the practice adds a “harmful cost to our city’s environment” and is “a waste of money for the business.”

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GOP Candidates Get it Wrong on China When Bashing Trump on Trade

Notably, Trump’s campaign website prominently states that a Trump administration would declare China a “currency manipulator” on day one in office. This is logical and commendable— and it’s exactly what Mitt Romney vowed in 2012. It also reflects the earnest promises that Barack Obama made in April 2008 at a forum held by the United Steelworkers union. (Yes, Obama promised tough action on China’s currency during the 2008 campaign. But he never followed through.)