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Mainstream Media Outlets Censor Pro-Life Marches

Mainstream Media Outlets Censor Pro-Life Marches

The annual March for Life is consistently the largest perennial public demonstration in America. Yet it is virtually censored by the mainstream media.   On Saturday, Jan. 26, over 500,000 men, women and children braved snowfall and freezing temperatures to march through

Another CA Dem uses Republican Branding to Dupe Voters

Recently, I exposed a local California incumbent, Democrat State Assemblyman Mike Gatto, trying to pass himself off as a Republican. Turns out he’s not the only one. U.S. Rep. Howard Berman, (D-Van Nuys) is running against Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks)

CA Democrat Incumbent Using Republican Brand to Fool Voters

CA Democrat Incumbent Using Republican Brand to Fool Voters

In southern California, an incumbent Democrat state legislator appears to be running as a Republican in order to get reelected. Prominently picturing Mitt Romney, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln on campaign flyers addressed to California “Republicans,” and featuring the California

Harvard Study: Bullying Political Contributors?

Harvard Study: Bullying Political Contributors?

Exploiting the “public” requirement for political donations, the Left has seized with zeal on the opportunity to destroy those who donate money to support conservative politicians and causes.  In July, a media firestorm erupted over the publication of political donations

U.S. Persecution of Free Speech Incentivizes Muslim Violence

U.S. Persecution of Free Speech Incentivizes Muslim Violence

As radical Islamists assault embassies worldwide, Americans are enraged. But the Obama Administration is leading the charge backward by abandoning core free speech values — as Romney correctly observed — and instead persecuting American citizens.   Instead of championing American exceptionalism,

The Sharia-zation of Hollywood

The Sharia-zation of Hollywood

“If they’ll protect a scumbag like me, then they’ll protect all of you.” Larry Flynt’s infamous quote summarizes Hollywood’s self-congratulatory celebration of free speech in its Academy Award-nominated film “The People vs. Larry Flynt.” Critic Roger Ebert said the film

Catholics' Jihad against Secular Crusader Obama?

Catholics' Jihad against Secular Crusader Obama?

At the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption in his June 21st homily opening the Fortnight for Religious Freedom, Most Reverend William E. Lori, Archbishop of Baltimore, seemed to urge Catholics to embrace some version of martyrdom to

Planned Parenthood Calls Undercover Video a Hoax

Planned Parenthood Calls Undercover Video a Hoax

Live Action has released its fifth undercover video exposing gendercide counseling at two abortion facilities in North Carolina. Gendercide is the targeted aborting of an unborn baby because of its sex. Within hours of the video’s release, Planned Parenthood went

Third Undercover Video Shows Potential Gendercide Felonies in Arizona

Third Undercover Video Shows Potential Gendercide Felonies in Arizona

Live Action has released a third undercover video (below) in its ongoing “Gendercide” series exposing disturbing sex-selection abortion practices in America. This third video goes beyond adding more evidence of sex-selective abortions at two abortion clinics in Phoenix and Tuscon; it exposes criminal activity. In Arizona, it is

Goldberg to Ann Romney and New Media:  So Not Sorry

Goldberg to Ann Romney and New Media: So Not Sorry

After comparing Ann Romney to Hitler and Stalin for writing her Mother’s Day fluff piece on motherhood, professional feminist author Michelle Goldberg faced strong New Media blowback, and she’s miffed about it. So miffed that she wrote an angry, rambling fauxpology on The Daily

SEIU Astroturfs May Day Protest to Disrupt LAX

SEIU Astroturfs May Day Protest to Disrupt LAX

Local Los Angeles talk radio station KFI reported that the SEIU May Day protest snarling traffic around Los Angeles International airport was Astroturfed. The vast majority of protesters at LAX were not the grassroots employees protesting working conditions but were,

Rose Parade Crowd Boos Occupy Bullies

Boos greeted the post-Rose Parade Occupy protestors on Monday. Boos and empty bleachers. Traditionally, when the last float, band and equestrian unit in the Rose Parade passes and the parade concludes, what follows are janitors scooping up horse manure, along

Media Hypes Occupy's Rose Parade "Octopus" Float

As chronicled here over the past few weeks, the LA Times continues to hype the Occupy Rose Parade miscreants and its disgraced leader, convicted thief and wanna-be one-percenter, Peter Thottam. Another fluff piece appeared in its blog, describing the human

Media Acts As Propaganda Arm For Occupy's Rose Bowl Plans

What is the Rose Parade’s connection to claimed Wall Street abuses? Nothing. But that isn’t stopping the LA Times, ABC local tv, Yahoo, and other media from dutifully promoting the decomposing Occupy movement’s plan to disrupt the century-old event. As

Joy Behar Exposes Lincoln The Great Enslaver

In “The View’s” recent interview with Herman Cain, Joy Behar made the blockbuster revelation that “the Republican Party hasn’t been black friendly over the many centuries in this country.” Janeane Garofalo Dang, I had it backwards all these years. Professor

AP cheers Gadhafi's Blood for Libyan Oil

Within hours of the news, the AP reported “Gadhafi’s Death Clears Way for Oil Exports,” gleefully explaining that Gadhafi’s death will result in lower oil prices the world over! Energy crisis is solved! Recession ended! Remember the Left’s incessant “No

Media Mum on Big Business, SEIU Profiting From Workers' Bill

California nears passage of a law whose effect, if not actual intent, will decimate the private nanny/caregiver industry in California. Not coincidentally, it will simultaneously benefit unions and the powerful institutional nursing/caregiver lobby. Cynically titled the “Domestic Workers’ Bill of

The New Democrat Superhero: Weinerman!

Here’s the latest in kids’ superhero costumes for Halloween: Weinerman! Belt accessories include a cell phone with optional prophylactic cover for safe sexting. Last week began disastrously for Weiner with the Breitbart disclosures and groveling apology on Monday, yet appeared

Gawker falsely brands Breitbart Over Naked Weiner Pic

The picture of Anthony Weiner’s naked erect penis is now out there. No, Andrew Breitbart DID NOT release the picture to the media. But in typical liberal style, the rabid dogs at are going after Andrew Breitbart, calling him

Media Spins Obama's Embarrassing Royal Toast

Obama embarrassed himself (and our nation) once again, this time while toasting The Queen of England. Stranded at a former state dinner setting without his teleprompter, Obama tried to turn a toast into a speech with note cards, talking over

The Lean Green Obamachine

Energy crisis. Obesity crisis. Climate crisis. Unemployment crisis. The solution came to me in a rerun. What do high gas prices, global warming, high youth employment, and child obesity have in common? The lack of a government solution. I’ve found

Media Blackout on Soros' New World Order

Kudos to Media Research Center V.P. Dan Gainor for revealing a troubling media blackout surrounding socialist gazillioniare and media manipulator George Soros’ plan to undermine American capitalism. From Mr. Gainor’s article entitled “Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global

Brazil's Anti-Obama Riots Ignored by Media

A U.S. President beset by angry mobs screaming “Yankee Imperialist Go Home”, exploding Molotov cocktails, rubber bullets, tear gas, riot police. In 2007 the MSNBC headline screamed “Protests greet Bush upon arrival in Brazil” and The Guardian one-upped it with

With 2nd O'Keefe Video, Is NPR's Tax-Exempt Status at Risk?

NPR can and will survive the firings of execs Ron and Vivian Schiller. It can even survive Congressional “defunding.” But NPR could never survive the loss of its tax-exempt status…and that is the issue implicated in James O’Keefe’s second undercover

Without Planned Parenthood, Who Wouldn't Be Here Today?

Planned Parenthood’s newest ad campaign urges Senators to restore its public funding recently stripped by House vote. The ad portrays PP as a life-saving organization with a woman’s poignant quote: “Without Planned Parenthood, I wouldn’t be here today.” It’s unclear

Spot That Pimp! Planned Parenthood Founder's Lost Training Film

In a series of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s seeming complicity with pimps of underage girls, Planned Parenthood cleaned house. It fired one manager and prominently announced nationwide “retraining.” LiveAction exposed an embarassing blind spot in Planned Parenthood’s clinic services:

Defanging the Progressives' Media Hydra

A few weeks ago I attended the Walk-for-Life in San Francisco, having volunteered to drive a large group of high school students to the event. On arrival, I dropped them off near the rally kick-off point. Having no prior experience,

WSJ showcases Dilbert's Bad Ideas On How to Tax the Rich

Over the weekend, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, Scott Adams, graced us troglodytes with his condescending wit in the Wall Street Journal with a piece entitled “How To Tax the Rich.” Extolling the creative virtues employed by comedy writers

Make-Believe Media Ignores Jared Lee Loughner Wannabe

On Friday, police arrested a radical forty-something male for attempting to murder dozens of state employees. Hardly a hot-headed gun wielding teenager, this man. Over the last year and a half, Martin Calvin Yarbrough, Jr. allegedly plotted and planned to

The Social Network of Vitriol

In case you missed the latest example of vitriol within the social media of Facebook, witness “I Hate it When I Wake Up and Sarah Palin is Still Alive” page: Below is the enlargement of its original sicko profile picture

Make-Believe Media Uses Tragedy To Attack Private Citizens

Barely hours after the tragic massacre in Arizona, the Make-Believe Media has wasted no time launching a convulsive smear attack against its traditional targets — gun rights advocates, Tea Partiers, “birthers,” anti-illegal immigration advocates, and most personally against Sarah Palin.