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Reagan Would Have Found Common Ground With Tea Party

Reagan Would Have Found Common Ground With Tea Party

Political parties are in the business of winning elections. The Republican Party lost a Presidential in 2012 and an important, contested Governor’s race in Virginia this year. Part of the narrative behind those losses is the disconnect between Republicans and
Top 10 Reasons Obama Will Lose This Fall

Top 10 Reasons Obama Will Lose This Fall

The working assumption, in the modern media, is that Obama simply cannot lose his reelection bid. Obviously, they want “The One” to be around for two. While their ever-present and sometimes intense rooting for him will certainly help Obama, there

Republicans Should Make 2012 a 'Mandate' Election

We live in The Divided Era of American politics – an Era defined by a roughly equal number of Democrats and Republicans, high partisanship and close Presidential elections.  Independent voters often hold sway and candidates court the middle in order to win.

Republicans Must Fight the Lies About Tax Rate Cuts

While Obama tours the country promoting his personal donation plan, the Republican Presidential hopefuls are in a pitched battle for the nomination and arguing which tax simplification plan is best. Threatened with the possibility of rate cuts, the Media and

For Business, It's 1920 All Over Again

American political fortunes have long been tied directly to the economy… so you would think that politicians would do a better job understanding how to improve the economy. We know consumer demand is down – because consumers don’t have the

Why Are Economists Confused? Americans Aren't

If you look at statements made by Ben Bernanke over the last several years on the US economic outlook, they are not a model of consistency, let alone confidence building. Indeed, they reflect an economy that appears to be stopping

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