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Womens' Lawsuit Aims to End Forced Unionization

Womens' Lawsuit Aims to End Forced Unionization

MINNEAPOLIS–To some, the actions of the Connecticut legislature that enabled a child care provider’s union in Connecticut, might appear to add momentum to SEIU and AFCSME’s national campaign to conscript family child care business owners into becoming card-carrying dues-paying union members

Minnesota Non-Profits Receive $440,000 to Oppose Keystone Pipeline

Minnesota Non-Profits Receive $440,000 to Oppose Keystone Pipeline

Three Minnesota environmental non-profit advocacy groups have received nearly half a million dollars in out-of-state foundation funding to oppose the Keystone oil pipeline project, according to a Freedom Foundation of Minnesota analysis. The California funding to state groups comes as a surprise,

Tanning Tax Takes a Toll as Dozens of Minnesota Salons Fold

Small salons burned in what industry calls “classic example of how not to write tax policy” It’s that time of year again. Thousands of Minnesotans begin implementing evacuation plans to temporarily relocate somewhere south and warm. Before embarking, many make

'Symbolic' Wind Turbines Generating More P.R. Than Power

Now that most of twelve California wind turbines retrofitted for Minnesota winters are finally operational, several cities have acknowledged to the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota that the $5 million project may be more suited for generating PR–both good and bad–than

Stimulus Spending for Laptops and iPods?

Minnesota has declined to make public its list of recommended projects for the first round of broadband stimulus funding until Washington announces the lucky recipients beginning in early November. Sure, many other states have released their prioritized lists of applicants

An Early ACORN Whistleblower: Karen Inman

Well before Congress defunded the discredited community organizing group ACORN, the current scandal had its genesis in the most surprising of places, ACORN’s own national board of directors. In the summer of 2008, a small group of ACORN directors blew