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Sunday Roundup

– Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper are now BFFs. Matching gold Mizpah necklaces to follow. – NPR’s style guide disallows the term “abortion clinics.” Something that sounds less baby-murdery is preferred. The subject of Schumacher-Matos’s ombudsing was a story by

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Calls for Bullying of Cartoonists

The way Lawrence O’Donnell sees it, cartoonists Batton/Lash are the new Theo Van Gogh, collectively. You’re not allowed to criticize the hypocritical policies of the President or First Lady, in word or in graphics, lest a D-List talking head will

Where Is the Media On Progressives' Call to Lynch Justice Thomas?

The silence from many progressives and the mainstream media is revolting. [youtube E3ctO7fdrcc nolink] Where is Media Matters? Daily Kos? Ed Schultz? Lawrence O’Donnell? Rachel Maddow? Chris Matthews? Katie Couric? Where is John Lewis and Emanuel Cleaver? Al Sharpton? Where

Is Illinois' Quad City Paper Phil Hare's Booster Club?

The QC Examiner notices some pro-Phil Hare shenanigans going down at the Illinois, quad cities’ completely objective, non-partisan, and totally neutral Phil Hare Argus, a.k.a. the Quad Cities Online. Hare, if you remember, is the Illinois Democrat congressional candidate who: