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Iran Terror Plot? NEVER AGAIN!

In autumn 1979 the revolutionary government of Iran waged war against the United States by invading and occupying its embassy in Tehran and holding 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. That act of war was recognized for what it was

President Obama Acting Like King George III

When the President publicly ordered the leaders of the House and the Senate to appear at the White House the next day, prepared to answer his demands for a debt ceiling resolution, many observers noted the high-handedness of his way

Reagan: A Memoir

Governor Reagan – that’s how we referred to him for the fourteen years before he became President – made us one with him from the beginning. The highest moment of my personal appreciation arrived on election night in 1966. It

America: Unsafe at Home

In the beginning the United States governed its place in the world by the perception of strategic vulnerability to hostile influences from nations in Europe. George Washington played for time for the nation, initially unsafe at home, to recruit its

Wikileaks is a Systems Failure

Wikileaks finally dropped the motherlode. What next? Judgment. What effect? Whose error? We should quickly dispense with the criminal charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning, assigning proper sentence for his serious violations. And anyone else subject to United States jurisdiction and

'Politics is No Tea Party': Advice from Old Europe

The current Weekly Standard (October 4, 2010, Vol. 16, No. 03) carries a piece by Henry Olsen (a vice president at the American Enterprise Institute), “As Sweden Goes…The Worldwide Tea Party.” This excellent analysis of recent center-right electoral victories and

Fathers and Sons: A Primer in Bad Politics

What makes bad politics is bad arguments and bad choices, not bad fathers. Some people said with complete earnestness that George W. Bush invaded Iraq to revenge Sadaam Hussein’s attempted assassination of Mr. Bush’s father, former President George H. W.

Balancing Liberty Against Fear: Burn a Koran

I cannot accept the premise that causing “outrage to Muslims” is reason enough to condemn the burning some paper and ink. Nor would the matter differ if someone threatened to burn the Bible. A thing that has been done —

Milestones Without Celebrations: Obama's War Cry

The most important passage in President Obama’s “end of war” speech declares that there are no longer “surrender ceremonies”, which he seems to interpret to mean that there are no longer “celebrations of victories.” Victory, he suggests, consists in the

Force Multipliers Trump the Correlation of Forces

What if there were still a Soviet Union assessing its strategic position in the world by the well-known “correlation of forces.” If the United States asked itself how it stood within that Soviet perspective, there is at least one dimension

Oil Spill: A National Security Failure on a Grand Scale

The Soviet Union coined the term “national technical means” to convey a clear and appropriate concept — namely, sovereign states maintain exclusive control over certain agencies that can be applied to determine outcomes in certain situations. Applying this understanding to

Obama: Less Competent than Jimmy Carter

It is not true that General McChrystal demonstrated insubordination (as too many commentators held), and if we remember the long train of events launched in the fall of 2008 and concluding in McChrystal’s dismissal, we will readily understand that. First,