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Obama Praises Walmart CEO for Wage Hike

Barack Obama, pleased that Walmart CEO Doug McMillon raised the wages of his employees, called the CEO from Air Force One on Wednesday to praise the decision. Obama was en route to Miami, where a town hall meeting was scheduled to discuss immigration.

Feinstein: Netanyahu “Arrogant”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein attacked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday morning as "arrogant" for asserting that he speaks for all Jews in his upcoming speech to Congress. According to Jewish law, Feinstein is not Jewish herself. Feinstein’s father was Jewish; her mother came from parents of the Russian Orthodox faith.
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NY ID Cards a Smash

A new ID card issued by the city of New York, called IDNYC, has drawn an unexpectedly huge response, as some New Yorkers who already have government-issued identification have joined enormous numbers of illegal immigrants, elderly residents, and even the homeless to clamor for such a card.
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Verizon Mocks FCC Decision with Antiquated Letter

Verizon, prepared for the FCC decision to embrace “net-neutrality” rules on Thursday, had a ready response once the decision became final. The company issued a press release mocking the new standard by dating the press release February 26, 1934, and titling it, “Title II Regulations a ‘Net’ Loss for Innovation and Consumers: FCC’s ‘Throwback Thursday' Move Imposes 1930s Rules on the Internet.”

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