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William Bigelow

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Dave Roberts

Dodgers to Hire Dave Roberts as Manager

Dave Roberts, the fleet outfielder who executed arguably the most famous stolen base in baseball history, raced past other candidates to grab the job as the Los Angeles Dodgers’ new manager.

New Orleans Police Department

Media Refuse to Report Suspect’s Race After Good Samaritan Is Shot

Police are now searching for Euric Cain, a black gunman who allegedly attempted to kidnap a woman in New Orleans but was stopped by a heroic medical student. Before the suspect was identified by police, media had provided little help by avoiding the description of the suspect due to politically correct fears about race.

Obama on San Francisco Chronicle cover (torbakhopper / Flickr / CC)

Black Arts Center Kicks S.F. Chronicle out of Meeting

On Wednesday night in San Francisco, the non-profit African American Arts and Culture Complex barred the media from observing a meeting to deal with an internal struggle for control, even though the building where the meeting took place is owned by the city, and taxpayers funded more than three-quarters of last year’s $1 million budget.

Twitter/UC Newsroom

Pigeons Can Spot Cancer

A surrogate for observers of medical images may have been found by researchers from the University of California, Davis: pigeons.

AP Photo

Fighting Sioux Now the Fighting Hawks

The University of North Dakota, denied the use of its “Fighting Sioux” nickname because the NCAA banned its members from using Native American imagery in 2005, revealed a new nickname: the “Fighting Hawks.”