Bertha Lewis Spins: Filmmakers Thrown Out of Dozens of Offices

[youtube jzCzKaxDxWk nolink]

“Well, I absolutely agree with you, which is why as the CEO I took swift and immediate action, terminated those employees, because regardless as to what we know or… edited, doctored tapes and where you don’t see everything where finally people were thrown out in dozens of our offices, it is inexcusable, and indefensible, to sort of, have such poor judgment. That’s not our professional standards. That’s why those folks were terminated because all of my other employees, of course they did the right thing. They saw this ridiculous couple, who by the way were very aggressive and refused to leave some of our offices, but our other employees did the right thing. And so I wanted to make sure that people understood this is not who we are, we will not tolerate even two minutes of that kind of conversation, our standards are much higher, and in fact, these folks got thrown out of a lot of offices. So, this handful of employees, it’s unfortunate, but you know what, you can’t work for me if you don’t have common sense.”

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