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Limbaugh: White House Using Fed Arts Agency to Push Obama Agenda


From El Rushbo:


Do you remember that NEA phone call? I think it was back in August, the 21st or the 25th, and it featured basically a coordination from the White House to the National Endowment for the Arts to promote Obama’s health care and parts of his domestic agenda. One of the artists on that call got hold of Breitbart and said they’re turning the National Endowment for the Arts and, the latest website out of the White House, into political instruments, and there are four pieces written on this at But all it really exposes up ’til now is that the NEA was lying about their coordination with the Obama White House on spreading propaganda. This is the thing that George Will had a comment on This Week, said some laws were broken in this call. Then after some attention was focused on this they announced that the National Endowment for the Arts director of communications Yosi Sargent had been reassigned. They said he was fired but he was actually just reassigned.

A week later George Will wrote a Washington Post column on this and understandably a lot of people are infuriated about the politicization of the NEA and turning it into an Obama campaign. I don’t know why anybody is surprised about this. Folks, the private sector of this country is being gobbled up like Pacman on steroids. The idea the Obama administration would be using some left-wing agency like the NEA to spread his domestic propaganda is not a shock. There hasn’t been any evidence up ’til now, though, of Obama being involved in it, just the NEA. But that is until today. Now, the website has full audio and a full transcript. It’s 44 pages. There are 25 different audio sound bites. We’re putting together a couple of key elements of the sound bites from this page and we hope to have it in the next hour, but the transcript and the full audio at Apparently the full transcript here shows the White House orchestrating this through a woman named Buffy Wicks with the White House Office of Public Engagement. Buffy Wicks works under Valerie Jarrett, who is at the right hand of Barack Obama, The Almighty.

Also in the call, orchestrating service in the name of Obama to the NEA — you gotta go out and serve, you gotta advance the agenda in service, the name of Obama, Nell Abernathy, director of outreach of the Corporation of National and Community Service, which is the independent agency that is the parent of the president’s United We Serve initiative. Now, they got rid of Yosi Sergeant, they threw him under the bus, they reassigned him within but what happens is by getting rid of this guy they’re trying to cover up the fact the White House is involved in using the NEA to spread Obama propaganda and as George Will has speculated, there have to be laws being violated here. The White House and Valerie Jarrett admit that by reassigning Yosi that something was wrong, a tantamount admission by their action. But the White House it turns out, according to Breitbart’s website, is in charge of the call, has ties to ACORN, even. We know that, we mentioned last week, all it is is an end run now that ACORN is in trouble, simply, if you call in there, if you go to their website, they’ll redirect you to various front community organizations all tied to the White House designed to spread the Obama agenda.

Full audio and transcript of this segment of “The Rush Limbaugh Show” here.

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